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The Sinclairs

Names (from left to right): Wrath, Naija, Nellie and Cleo Sinclair

Nicknames: none

Classifications: Reinan guards (and small, jobless children)

Ages: 35, 36, 2, 7

Gender: M, F, F, F

Species: Human, Feathry, half-feathy half-humans

Family: each other

Character: Wrath and Naija are Reinans who fought in RAI: the Reinan Army for Independence, against the tyrant Jezel's forces. Good news is, they were highly victorious, and even managed to begin raising a family in the bargain.

Wrath is fairly easy-going and generally up for any sort of shenanigans. Naija takes no guff from anybody. And then there's the kids, Nellie, who is two and is happy so long as she's being held (and loud otherwise), and Cleo, who is seven and more than slightly nervous about being someplace new (but very happy the war is over)

History: Like was mentioned above, they fought for Reinan independence, were successful, had some kids... and moved to the relative peace and quiet of DHS. Allegedly to keep an eye on Prince Phoenix, but mainly for a change of pace after everything that happened in Rei.