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Today's comic, Death's Door, for Tuesday 18th of January 2022

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Tuesday 18 January

Here's another Death's Door update! Leo: about to have weird ideas.

Monday 17 January

Here's today's Death's Door update! Finally my laptop is back so I'm hoping I can start drawing proper again. But for now: Leo's back to his shenanigans.

Sunday 16 January

Alright! One more little comic and then hopefully I can get back to trying regular updates... and for a change, hey it's Death's Door!

Saturday 15 January

Here's that splash page for Short Shift! Sometimes it's just nice to draw little things.

Tomorrow ... will be a surprise comic update, you'll have to find out then

Friday 14 January

Aaaand here's another Short Shift update! That's the end of this short volume tooooo. So I've got another splash page to post, and then... uh... well I'm not quite back to speed for returning to regular updates (and it's feeling like my laptop is never coming back from being repaired at this point hmmph). I have another short comic that I've slowly been working on so I'll probably start posting that next, and hopefully after that one is done I can draw properly again but maybe not who knows surgery sucks lol

Thursday 13 January

Here's another Short Shift update! I guess along with snakes, Alciende volumes now are also about rainbow stripes. It just happens.

Wednesday 12 January

Here's today's Short Shift update! What could possibly go wrong

Tuesday 11 January

Wtf working while healing from surgery is exhausting, who allowed this?? Anyway here's today's Short Shift update. I just always want to draw a snake version of Alciende, it's true. And as for Z? Z is a shapeshifter, gender is a construct.

Monday 10 January

Phewww... my sick leave is over so I'm back to work today, I've got another followup with the surgeon and I feel like there's a million things I gotta do and I'm still so tired nyehhh... So I'm a little frazzled, but I'm working on it. For now though thereis another Short Shift volume to uplolad, so I'll start with the cover page!

Really wish my laptop would be ready so I'd have one less thing to worry about, but here we are. I'm still not 100% ready to go back to drawing comics soooo uhhh hmm. I'm working slowly on another short comic to post after this Short Shift is done. Hopefully after that everything will be oooooookay.

Sunday 9 January

Here's today's page of Some Trick part 4! That's the last lot for this batch, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Tomorrow I'll start posting another Short Shift volume. Yeah I'm pretty much posting whatever I feel like / actually have prepared until I heal and/or get my laptop back.

Saturday 8 January

Here's today's Fluffy Tales update of Some Trick part 4! There's one more page in this update lot and then.... I have another Short Shift volume I managed to get done. And after that... uhhhh really hoping my laptop comes back but it probably won't so who knows

Friday 7 January

Here's today's page of Some Trick part 4! I am loving how Kit writes Jake. Thanks Kit!!

Me I am missing solid food. Not much else to add, slowly stumbling through healing and still waiting for my laptop to come hommmmmeeee

Thursday 6 January

Time for another page of Some Trick part 4! Jake is up to his regular shenanigans

Wednesday 5 January

Here's today's page of Some Trick part 4! My dumb face still hurts, cannot recommend.

Tuesday 4 January

Here's today's Fluffy Tales update, a page of Some Trick part 4! Yeah Kit's given me another nice batch of comics, but I'm still healing and also waiting on my computer to come back hoooome, so I'll be posting them one page at a time for now!

Also uhhh since my computer is still out I can't be bothered to update the preview images either. I don't have the files on my backup computer :V pretty much the only things I have on here are uhhh, Short Shift and the full local website copy lol.

Monday 3 January

Time for another guest comic! And today there's a Random Encounter page brought to you by Tapewolf, who doesn't usually draw so this was an awesome surprise!!

Healing is exhausting but I'm slowly trying to get back to drawing. I managed to get a little work on the next Short Shift, so after Fluffy Tales I'll start posting that probably

Sunday 2 January

Still moving slowly, and melting in this summer heat. Normal day! Here's a Random Encounter guest comic, supplied by the lovely Inhuman Interest, who always draws awesome comics!

Tomorrow there's gonna be another guest comic, then there's gonna be some Fluffy Tales and then.... . ..hopefully I am recovered enough to draw some more Short Shift or something. I also still don't have my laptop back and I feel like I probably won't get it until next month lol

Saturday 1 January

Welcome to 2022, may it be kinder than 2021. Here's that Short Shift back cover splash! Healing is incredibly tiring so I still haven't been able to do very much except lie around, and also complain. But there will be some other comic tomorrowwwwwww

Friday 31 December

Here's today's Short Shift update! And that's the end of this lil volume! I'll post the back cover splash... .in the new year!

Thursday 30 December

Here's another Short Shift update! I'm still not well enough to draw, but slowly on the mend. Slowly...

Wednesday 29 December

Here's today's Short Shift update!

Tuesday 28 December

Dealing with some minor shenanigans tonight which nearly made me space on posting today's update, whoops. Here's the title page for the next Short Shift volume! In related news I have a visit with the surgeon tomorrow so wish me luck lol

it's ok it's ok it's insanely minor. Just a problem with the bindings keeping my jaws still post-surgery. EZ. I've got the rest of this volume prepared like I said, and after that I've got fancomics and Fluffy Tales. And then?? ?? maybe I will be well enough to draw and also have my laptop back. At least one of those things.

Monday 27 December

Here's that Short Shift back cover splash! Not much else to say. Still slowly healing and it sucks

Sunday 26 December

Here's a Short Shift update! And uh. That's the whole story, because I think it's the height of comedy to do one-page stories yet give them a full title page and back cover splash. Tomorrow: that back cover splash.

Like I said I do have another Short Shift after this to run, and then there's some fancomics, and then there's some more Fluffy Tales, and then..... I'm not sure. Still slowly healing, and still.... don't have my laptop back. So that's fun.

Saturday 25 December

I liiiiiiive. It's a really hard recovery cannot recommend. Today has been the first day I've been able to even sit up and look at a computer so that's good timing. Happy holidays. It'll be a while before I can like. Draw.

But I do have some more filler to run! I've got some really cute fancomics that friends sent me, but right now figuring out how to post those sounds hard so instead I'm going to start with the Short Shift comics I have! This one is a doofy little one. The next one is less little and then I'm out of short shift. It's also not auto-updating right now because I can't brain enough to do that, maybe tomorrow lol

And juuust so it's in a news post, the Darkness Falls holiday volume did successfully update while I was out of action yay