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Saturday 9 December

Haha no surprise Fall will be late this week since yesterday's cover took up so much of my time. Should be up either late today or alongside Ace! It's not too complex a page, I already got it sketched so... getting there!

Friday 8 December

Alright yeah this is taking longer than I wanted it to, so today's comic will be late!! I put too many people in one place oh no

late update: APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY I wasn't even intending to have this many people drawn when I went to bed last night but it kind of snowballed anyway welcome to the new Random Encounter school year!!! I'm gonna say that's not all the students and everybody I haven't designed yet or didn't have a colour ref handy for is hiding behind the tree. That's alright, you won't have to remember all of them haha. This volume's gonna be a Bluff story!!!

Also! Most of these new students were designed by Keej and Puyon!!! Thank you thank you you're the best

Ah wait now I need to work on Fall maybe it will be late whoops

Thursday 7 December

Phew! Somehow it ended up being quite a while since the last page... so here's this week's Heretic update!

Tomorrow's comic might end up being a bit late as I'm planning something that will be far too much work, but we'll see how it goes

Wednesday 6 December

Here's this week's Peony update! And another Peony update! Well if they're too fun to draw yeah there's a good chance they're a trickster. That's Just How It Works.

Tuesday 5 December

Here's this week's Merc update! Wait is he...

Monday 4 December

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Aaaand that caps off the volume so... Friday will be the title page for volume 82! Thanks for reading!

Sunday 3 December

Right here's this week's Ace update! Yeah ask me a decade ago if I was expecting to draw a page for DHSComix that had people texting each other haha

Saturday 2 December

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake's got three eyes and NEVER sees it coming to him

Friday 1 December

Welcome to December!! I uh. Random Encounter gonna be a lil late! It's not quite as complex as the last page but I been hecka busy today so I hope I'll be able to get it done over lunch! I'll do my besssst

late update: Alright sorry again for the delay!! Here's today's Random Encounter update! Just one more page left of this one then it's time for a new comic!! Oh geez new comic will also be for new students I wonder if I will go completely over-the-top on the title page again...

Thursday 30 November

Here's this week's Peony update! Just the one page this week and I've not got a Heretic update done yet. Thought about staying up late to get more finished but then I remembered I gotta try to do another big Random Encounter page for tomorrow??? Wild. I should get some sleep I'm super sick today

Wednesday 29 November

Suuuuper tired today so I haven't been able to get Peony done. But I did get a Merc update! Tomorrow... will be a comic idk which one

Tuesday 28 November

Alright!! Here's that delayed Random Encounter update! Puyon did most of the sketching for this one and you can see maybe why it took me a bit longer to draw than usual oops. Next page is also going to be a big one so we'll seeeee how that goes.

I should be updating Peony tomorrow, and if I can I'll get Merc done then too!

Monday 27 November

Nowww it's Random Encounter's turn. To be late. Haha. Well I'm still sick and tired and drawing comics is haaaaard. Hopefully I'll be able to get it done tomorrowwwww

Sunday 26 November

Alright!! Sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's Fall update! Now Jake don't tell no lies...

And also! It's time for the new comic! Which is Ace! It's a comic I've been threatening for a few years and fiiiinally I get to start it. Buuuuut I'm a bit sick and tired this week still so it's just the title page. It's just a little updated version of one that I used for a little April fools' shenanigans a while ago. But next week... the first page... hopefully. Because some butt decided the first page should have like a dang ol' train or something and that sounds annoying to draw. I mean it has to be a train because back in 2004 when I was going to draw the first Random Encounter page I originally wanted it to be in a train but then I was like trains are hard to draw and really that's good because this setting did not have trains?? ....UNTIL NOW

Anyway... what? I'm going to sleep.

Saturday 25 November

Fall is going to be a little late! I've got it inked and started colouring but I am feeling quite unwell so I'll try to get it posted tomorrow alongside .. .. . .new comic

crap I should actually write new comic

Friday 24 November

Right! Still tired but back to normal updates for now I guesssss. Here's today's Random Encounter update! They're enjoying vacation but soon the volume will be over and I'll have to pack all these kids up and send them right back to school.

Thursday 23 November

Here we go. snake legs. Alright time for bed.

Wednesday 22 November

Feeling suuuuper tired this week, which means it is time for a suuuuper unhinged Short Shift volume! Yeah I just need a little break from regular updates and to take it easy so this is just a little little one, I'll have the single page of it and the splash posted tomorrow probablyyyy cuz then I can go back to Random Encounter on Friday yes

Tuesday 21 November

Turns out the cat has hayfever. It is a pity cats don't know how to cover their mouth when they sneeze because he loves to point himself at me when he does that. Ah, cats.

ANYWAYYYyyyyy I decided to catch up on a Random Encounter update! Merc can update later, I gots Random Encounters to draw. I think there's like 4 pages left of this volume but the last two are uhhhhh even more forever-taking to draw than the cover page was, so let's see how I go

Monday 20 November

My cat's a bit sick and I'm a bit sick so, I spent all day lying down with the cat. So! Secretly I have been sitting on this amazing Snorse fancomic that InhumanInterest drew for me! So there you go, now peoples who aren't me can enjoy it.

InhumanInterest writes a number of incredibly funny comics that you can read on their Patreon or also on FurAffinity. Highly recommended they're so good.

Sunday 19 November

Stayin up half the night to finally get this bad boy FINISHED. That is right, it is the END of The Breaking with 5 new pages starting from here! Thanks everyone for reading, it's surely been a ride!

Phwaaaa that comic took a long time to finish and now it is finished!! Unless I decide to ever tell some sort of story about the reformation of the world. Though that would probably be a new comic hahaha. ....though I will probably return at some point to do an epilogue for laughs since I do that with a lot of finished comics. For now I rest!!! And for next week.... a new comic

Saturday 18 November

OK! Next Fall page is a bit tricky so it's taking me a little bit longer to draw than I'd like. And I'm sleepy and a little sick. So uhhhh instead of a Fall update this week here is a Death's Door update! Another sneak peeks of the new volume, which I probably will end up giving the Saturday update slot after Fall is finished.

Friday 17 November

Not 100% how but I did get another twofer done today! So here's today's Random Encounter update! And an extra Random Encounter update!

Forgot to mention but all this week's Random Encounter pages are written by Puyon!! They helped with most of the remaining pages of this volume so that's probably why I'm hella excited to get 'em all finished let's gooooo

Thursday 16 November

Hereeeee's this week's Heretic update! I suspect I am going to regret setting this volume in a jungle with lots of different foliage and undergrowth to draw as opposed to the usual simplified forst in approximately it already happened rip.

Wednesday 15 November

Here's this week's Peony update! And another Peony update! HAY IS FOR HORSES, HEATH. Also hey it's 100 pages of Peony, a comic that I did not intend to give 100 pages to lol. Haha let's see how long it ends up being!

Tuesday 14 November

Sorry for the delay! Here's that late Random Encounter update! And the extra Random Encounter update!

Got a lot of work to do to wrap things up by the end of the year so... back to it!

Monday 13 November

Still aiming on having a Random Encounter double-update.... just going a bit slowwww cuz I'm still a bit sick. Well, I've got one and a half pages inked so HOPEFULLY I can get 'em done for tomorrow. So in the meantime I've brought forward this week's Merc update!

Sunday 12 November

ALLLLLLLRIIGHT!!! I've had a busy day of being sick and drawing comics, SO-

Here's yesterday's late Fall update! Marie's allowed to tell as many lies as she wants however.

Aaaaand as for The Breaking, once again there's 4 new pages starting from here! Yes yes I'm so close to the end I can taste it... hoping I can keep this particular pace up and then I can finish it next week?? yes??? MAYBE.

Saturday 11 November

Fall's gonna be a touch late, I ended up getting caught up in shenanigans. I intend to also get caught up in shenanigans today... but I ALSO intend to have Fall updating sometime. Either late today or alongside The Breaking tomorrowwwwww. It's just gonna be one page too because I realised I want a big ol shot of the courtroom in the next page and that sounds exhausting haha

Friday 10 November

Heeeeeere's today's Random Encounter update! And hey... why not... an extra Random Encounter update! Well this volume is really long and taking a long time to draw so I'd like to try to hurry it along so I can get to new volumes in the new year... Hopefully I can do a double-update for it on Monday too. That's right baybee. Double-updates alll week.

well Merc didn't get a double-update. She has to take it slow this week.

Thursday 9 November

OK and here's today's Heretic update! And since this is the last page of the current volume... another Heretic update! But it's just the title page of the next volume so it's less exciting.

I'm glad I've been able to do lots of double-updates lately because I love to be zooming through these comics. Not entirely sure how I am getting all these double-updates done but hey they are here.

Wednesday 8 November

Alright! Time for a Peony update! And another Peony update! Getting nowhere slowly but with tons of effort is like 90% of what I do.

Tuesday 7 November

Time for this week's Merc update! Jayson's seer-nanigans are the most fun to write, it's a problem.

Monday 6 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yes truly back to regular updates for now I suppose. For now until I figure out what I should do for the end-of-year holiday volume, hrmmmmm

Sunday 5 November

Hmmm yes I said lots of comics today and so there are lots of comics today. There are 4 new pages of The Breaking, starting from that link at page 398! Well what can I say I get antsy when I'm so close to the end of a long-running comic. 410 will be the last page ;)

Saturday 4 November

Back to normal updatesssssssss. Well kinda. Here's this week's Fall update! And a second Fall update! Marie gets mean. Well, she knows her brother well enough to get him to do what she wants. Psshhhh I was planning on like. Taking a little break tonight and going to bed early because I'm still recovering from surgery and tired but then I got cranky and now there's lots of comics. Lots of comics tomorrow also for sure.

Friday 3 November

Aaaaand here's the last page of the Halloween ☾☼ comic! Ahhhh it was nice to go back and draw the boys for a bit. And now I do have an idea for another bonus ☾☼ volume but well it will remain to be seen as to when I actually draw it hrmmmmmmmm. Or if I do it as a standalone comic, I think surely this site does not have enough comics...

Anyway! Thanks for indulging me in this trip down memory lane. I'm feeling a lil better than I have been so hopefully tomorrow we shall return to regular updates with Fall! We'll see. No promises.

Thursday 2 November

Here's today's ☾☼ comic! Graiiiiiiiin!!! Just one page yet, gotta be able to draw it though.. haven't had much of a chance to rest post-surgery so lol things are goin slow. But I'll get there.

Wednesday 1 November

Happy November!! Here's today's ☾☼ comic! Just a few pages left of this one. Hrmm I should actually draw them. Still struggling a bit recovering from surgery but slowly getting along.