Today's comic, Merc, for Wednesday 22nd of May 2024

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Wednesday 22 May

Just running a day behind for now. I did get Peony sketched but it's not finished so well here is a Merc update!

Tuesday 21 May

Still quite sick but hey at least today I have a Random Encounter update! It took me a while but I got there...

Monday 20 May

Comic is coming along but not very quickly unfortunately so hopefully I will have it up for tomorrowwwww

Sunday 19 May

My chronic illness has helpfully decided to instead continue flaring up and not let me draw anything... I've done a bit of sketching so HOPEFULLY I can get SOMETHING drawn in the morning...

late update: feeling a little better this morning! So here is at least an Ace update!

Saturday 18 May

Been sooooo busy again today... and now my chronic illness is flaring up agh. I'm gonna try to get some rest and get caught up on comics somehow a little bit tomorrow....

Friday 17 May

I guess I foresaw that there would be shenanigans today... so I haven't got Random Encounter done yet, but I did finally get a Heretic update! Alba seems like a nice lady, right?

Thursday 16 May

Here's this week's late Peony update! I'm sure nothing will go wrong. Nothing ever goes wrong!

Heretic is now late but I got it sketched so I'm GOING to have it done this week.... I'ma focus on Random Encounter for tomorrow but I might try to do Heretic the day after... we shall see! Entirely possible I get home from work tomorrow and go "oh noe I have no time to finish Random Encounter better finish Heretic instead" or something. But ughhh it been too long since Heretic updated I gots to get my Heretic done!! That's the comic where I get to be mean to Laguna!

Wednesday 15 May

Lately Wednesday is just not the best day for updates, hey? Well I managed to get Peony sketched and made sure it was a fairly simple page, but I ran out of time to do it tonight so I'll endeavour to do it tomorrow.... but I super want to make sure I gets a Heretic update done this week so we shall see how it goes!!!

Tuesday 14 May

Here's today's Merc update! Yeah but you can't just say that, Merc.

I also completely forget to mention that Snorse updated over the weekend! It took me a really really long time to draw that page. Why?? No why. That's just how it goes. Maybe the next page will not take me two years but it's possible.

Monday 13 May

Alright I got a bit caught up.... here's two Random Encounter updates starting from thsi page... I gotta get some sleep ahhhhhh

Sunday 12 May

Well I got a few things done today but not so much DHSComix-related things... but I did get today's Ace update done! Oh well. That's dragons for you.

Saturday 11 May

Doing my best but ughhhh having so little free time to actually DO lately... So for now I have managed to ink this week's Death's Door update! Tomorrow I hope to colour it as well as get at least two comics done to post for Sunday to do a bit of catch up. And then do a bunch of comics for the other site because I'm so behind on that too aaaaaa

I'll get back to having all the comics at more regular intervals some day . .. . ...

late edit: Colour's done!! You may need to refresh to see it

Friday 10 May

*strangled yelling noises* LATE UPDATE AGAIN COMIC UP TOMORROW

Thursday 9 May

Phewww unfortunately even sicker tonight, but I managed to pull it together a little bit and get a Peony update done! Alas, that means there's no Heretic this week, but I shall try to regroup and get Random Encounter done!! Always trying around here haha

Wednesday 8 May

It's another no Wednesday update week, I'm afraid. We got the old uhhh super busy with work and chronic illness playing up again. At some point later this year things should be more settled but for now I'm just doing what I can do... which is mainly get annoying that I work too hard and then get too tired to draw, haha. I could go on with more complaints about how annoying this is but it probably would not be super productive. But I got the big mads about the situations.

I'm not suuuuure if I'll be able to catch up with this page tomorrow, since I got all this others stuffs to draw, but I will see and hopefully update at least a one comic tomorrow!!

Tuesday 7 May

Time for this week's Merc update! Starring Merc having a huge whinge. Also I guess Jayson is having a moment.

Monday 6 May

Here's today's on-time Random Encounter update! Yeah Loki's idea of getting stronger at DHS has not at all worked out. Let's see how that works out for her.... but maybe not right away because this is a Danni volume!!

Sunday 5 May

Ace is.... erm. Well I sketched it! But some idiot (me) stayed up way too late getting yesterday's comics done and then spent all today working on these other comics so um it's gonna be late!! I'll try to get it posted around lunchtime... and then ... ah I have so much work to do oh no let's not think about that right now, let's sleep

late update: Here's this week's Ace update!!!

Saturday 4 May

Sorry again for the delay!! Stayed up most of the dang night to get caught up... probably a mistake but lol

Here's yesterday's late Random Encounter update! Dying really mellowed Loki out, huh.

And here is today's Death's Door update! Yeah I don't see anything going wrong, nothing ever goes wrong.

Friday 3 May

hahaha it's surely been a day... one of my rabbits escaped this morning so I spent the morning running around and crawling through gardens to catch her. She's fine! I hella hurt my shoulder and can't get this comic finished today however... so I'm going to HAVE A REST... and then try to get it done tomorrow! And also get Death's Door done because that one hasn't updated in a while... though it might have to go up Sunday because Random Encounter is my priority and I also got all this other stuff to do aaa

Thursday 2 May

Sorry for the delay!! But hey surprisingly I did get all caught up on those two comics. Mainly from staying up way too late oh no the tiredness cycle continues..... Anyway!!

Here's yesterday's late Peony update! This probably happened because you didn't yell at Heath enough, Petunia. You should fix that.

Aaaand here's today's Heretic update! It does seem like every time I draw an elemental clanner it is a race to kill them. Maybe for once I should NOT do that. Or... I could double down, I did have a storyline I was working on where one gets mega-killed.

Wednesday 1 May

Happy new month comic gonna be late!! Super busy with work stuff. I got a lot of writing done so I'm hoping I can knuckle down and gets the comics done because after a week of not having regular updates it feels like I haven't drawn my peeps in a million years... ANYWAY! That is to say, I'm gonna try my hardest to somehow get Peony and Heretic both done for tomorrow. And then Random Encounter. And then Death's Door. And then it's the weekend!!! And then more comics

Tuesday 30 April

Here's this week's Merc update! Might be time for a scene change, I feel like she's probably going to be sitting there repeating that for a while.

Monday 29 April

Ah the feeling of getting one of these long pages done on time for a change... here's today's Random Encounter update! This dang school got so many students now I could probably just draw random designs and pretend they've been there all along but no it's fun to stick to the ones what are already from the cover page of 82 then the colouring is easier lol

Sunday 28 April

Here's this week's Ace update! Don't die, Ace, you're meant to be rescuing the prince and it would reflect badly on Rey.

Saturday 27 April

WOO I finally got that Random Encounter update done!!! Idk why it was such a struggle. Ah wait it was because I'm exhausted and chronically ill and once again super busy with work, har har.... ah well!!! I'll have a rest and get up to more shenanigans tomorrow (oh it never ends...) and THEN... try to draw a comic for Sunday! And Monday! And Tuesday! And... so on!

Friday 26 April

I tried to get back on the comics horse but then I fell and hurt my back. Wait is that a joke I did actually do that as soon as I got back from the convention too actually lol... Ah! But anyway I spent most of today cleaning and snoozing BUT I've got Random Encounter sketched so it IS going to go up tomorrow!!! It'll only be a little late sorry!

Thursday 25 April

Alright! Here's the last page of this Short Shift volume, plus the back cover splash! And with that... I'm gonna take another nap and try to get back to regular updates tomorrow!

Wednesday 24 April

Indeed, I had a nap instead... well! That's how it goes sometimes, being at a convention and then travelling home is super tiring! But here's a new Short Shift page! I'll do my best to finish up this volume for tomorrow and then get Random Encounter done for Friday!! I'll have to try really hard though I'm so tired lol

Monday 22 April

Alright last day of the convention and I got one more page done for Short Shift! There's like two pages and the splash page left so it's possible I get them all done for tomorrow and then am all caught up and can go back to normal updates. But it's also eminently likely that I have a nap instead. So.... we'll see!

(late)Saturday 20 April

Woo running around at conventions having fun and not drawing comics! Ah but I did get the first page of the new Short Shift volume done! Just... super late lol. I'll keep posting when I can and I'll be back next week

Thursday 18 April

Yes yes so I am busy and don't have any comics prepared ah what a world... so for today here is the cover for a new Short Shift volume! With any luck I will have a bit of time to get some pages of it done over the weekend, but we'll see. I would say, highly likely that updates will be a bit sparse for the next few days. This particular volume is I think five or six pages? I already packed my notes so I don't remember lol. I'll post as much of it as I can and then I'm back home late Monday so I'll try to get normal updates back up sometime... after that....

So, in conclusion, I dunno what I'm doing but I'm doing it.

Wednesday 17 April

Here's this week's Peony update! Really, anytime Heath is on screen somebody should be calling him an idiot.

Unfortunately didn't get to catch up on the Peony I missed last week, alas... but I'll keep moving forward and ... still have nothing prepared for while I'm out of town. WELL LET'S SEE HOW THAT GOES...

Tuesday 16 April

Indeed sorry I ended up being way too tired and out of town yesterday to do a comic! But today I am here with a Merc update!

Oh, good one, Lani.

I also have still not prepared a buffer for this weekend and I am going to be gone to a convention from Thursday through Monday so lol. Uhm. I'll try to post something?? Ah what could possibly go wrong

Sunday 14 April

Here's this week's Ace update! Starring Ace.

High chance I'll miss tomorrow's update since I'm out of town but I'll see what I can do