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Today's comic, Random Encounter, for Monday 25th of October 2021

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Monday 25 October

Here's today's Random Encounter Halloween update!

Sunday 24 October

Sorry for the delay!! I was very distracted. I decided to make up for it by posting two pages today, since it took a bit longer than expected to catch up. So here's today's Random Encounter pages!

Saturday 23 October

Comic will be late, because I was playing videogames. Haha. It's halfway inked but I got distracted sorry!!

Friday 22 October

Here's today's Random Encounter Halloween update! Az keeps trying

Thursday 21 October

Today's comic gonna be late, on account of, I had some naps. I'm hoping to get it done around lunchtime though!!

late update: here's that Random Encounter page!! Sorry for the delay! Now to see if I can draw another page today haha...

Wednesday 20 October

Time for another Random Encounter Halloween update! The problem with drawing sleeping characters, is that I draw them and then look at them and I'm like "hmm that looks like a good idea, should I take a nap?"

Tuesday 19 October

Here's today's Random Encounter Halloween update! I feel kinda bad putting all the other comics on break while I work on this, but not that bad because I get to work on this haha

Monday 18 October

Alright!! Time for to begin the Halloween comic, I reckon! It'll be a Random Encounter story this year, and actually relevant to the story instead of being people telling stories, haha. I'll be trying to post a page every day until Halloween, but uhhh... that's a lot of pages so I may miss some days and it'll run past. Hey we'll see! But here's the title page! And also, I'm quite chuffed because this is another comic Puyon wrote!!

Sunday 17 October

Here's today's The Breaking update! And tomorrow I will realise that it has been October for a while and I should probably consider drawing a Halloween comic.

Saturday 16 October

Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 15 October

Slowly getting better. Very, very slowwwwly. But hey here's a Random Encounter update! I told you about bad decisions.

Thursday 14 October

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! We only make bad decisions around here.

Wednesday 13 October

Still sick but I'm doing my best... I've got inks done for this week's Darkness Falls update! Hopefully I can get the shades done tomorrow...

late edit: shaded now!!!

Tuesday 12 October

yyyyep still hella sick, but hey I got that page done!! Here's that Random Encounter update!

Monday 11 October

So I uploaded that update for yesterday, patted myself on the back and then was too sick to do anything for the rest of the day. Not the most successful Sunday. I did manage to ink like, 1/5th of the next Random Encounter page, so maybe I can finish it tomorrow?? I wanna update Random Encounter

Sunday 10 October

Comic is sketched but I'm so tirrred from being so busy that it's not done yet. I'm hoping to have it posted tomorrow...

Late edit: The Breaking is up! Sorry for the delay. Now Random Encounter may also be late but... I'll try my best.

Saturday 9 October

Here's this week's Fall update! I'm sure it's fine.

Friday 8 October

Alright!!! I did it, here's a Random Encounter update!! Now I go to sleep

Thursday 7 October

Hmmmm yep nope still too sick to draw. And busy. Nyehhh.... I'll try to get some rest tonight and update Random Encounter tomorrow... if I fail...... I'll post a Short Shift volume instead lol

Wednesday 6 October

Well uhhhhh I was feeling really sick all night but managed to push through and get an update done. Me being me I completely spaced on what day it was so accidentally it is an update of The Rose of Gaea instead of Darkness Falls. Uhhh. Whoops?

So tomorrow's update will be uhhh. Something??

Tuesday 5 October

Alright! Here's the lil back cover splash! Now to uhhh. Go back to working.

Monday 4 October

Wooo still busy and sickly but uhhh hey here's a Short Shift page! That's the lat real page, so tomorrow I'll post a lil back cover splash page and then hopefully after that I'll have time to draw again. Maybe??

Sunday 3 October

Here's another page of Short Shift! I'm so busy gahhhh. One day I will not be busy. Maybe. I hope. Anyway also maybe one day I will design Chip's partner, who knows.

Saturday 2 October

Here's the next page of Short Shift! Semi-accidentally starring a bunch of tigers. Idk it seemed like a good idea at the time to draw that many stripes.

Friday 1 October

"I'll just take it easy and have a chill weekend," I said, doooming myself completely :I

Yeah I am now super busy at work and prolly won't have a weekend, to say the least. WOOO. Good thing I was already prepared to post a Short Shift volume! So there's the title page, it's another short one (three pages I think? I should know but I will guess instead). HOPEFULLY by the time it is done I will not be insanely busy, but, also possibly I will be. In which case, more Short Shift.

Thursday 30 September

Time for today's I'm Not a Trickster! I'm... actually thinking of being super lazy this week and posting some Short Shift comics over the weekend so I can play videogames instead. Idk if I will do that and also if I will include Friday as the weekend, but yeah heads up.

Wednesday 29 September

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! "Go to sleep and stop thinking" sounds like pretty good advice that I will now take.

Tuesday 28 September

Phewww... my whole body aches and I can't drawwww. Luckily there are comics, here's the latest batch of Some Trick!! 6 pages from there. Thanks Kit!!

Nowww I'm going to slowly roll to bed. Hopefully I will be feeling a bit better tomorrow and can draw, but my friends are telling me; probably not. Hey I'll do my best

Monday 27 September

Happy Monday!! My arm is sore so here's an excitement for you, an update of Dhark's Hero Stories from the ever-amazing Puyon!! They've also provided a lil foreward for the current volume, so... enjoy!! I sure did!!

Sunday 26 September

Time to cap off the week with a The Breaking update! Ummmm also I got my next jab today so maybe I won't update Random Encounter tomorrow, depending on how my arm feels. I will update something special instead if so though!!