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Today's comic, The Breaking, for Sunday 16th of May 2021

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Monday 17 May

Clearly I jinxed myself yesterday because today I am too sick to draw haha. WELL. Uh. I should be able to update something tomorrow, though!! Random Encounter is halfway inked but I really need to update Mysteries of the Obscured because it's been a while. Hmmm. We'll see..

Sunday 16 May

Time finally for a The Breaking update!! Woo getting close to... finally updating all the comics again, haha

Saturday 15 May

Here's this week's Fall update!! I decided to draw two pages this week, because I felt like drawing two pages this week. That seems like a good reason.

Friday 14 May

I did itttttttttt.... despite moving slowly and being unwell finally here is a Random Encounter update!! Time to annoy Chip again.

Aaaand thanks to Kit, there's some new Fluffy Tales comics!! It's time to start the new volume, which is Some Trick part 3!! There's 8 pages (including the cover) starting from there! Please enjoy!!

and nowww.... to go back to snoozing

Thursday 13 May

Sorry for the mix-up!! Here's this week's Darkness Falls update!!

Alsoooo now that I've taken a week off drawing comics to take care of my health... I seem to have a throat infection so uhhh I'm super sick again haha. Well uh. I'll do my best to update comics regardless!!! Definitely there will be a comic update tomorrow, but whether or not that comic update includes Random Encounter... depends on how sick I am sorry!

Wednesday 12 May

Look at me, getting right back into drawing comics with uh... TOTALLY FORGETTING WHAT DAY IT EVEN IS... damn. Lol.

For some reason I thought it was a day later than it was, so uhhhhhh today I have a I'm Not a Trickster! Well uh. It's an update?? Hahahaha that was... a mistake. ANYWAY!!! I'll update Darkness Falls tomorrow haha....

Tuesday 11 May

OK! The Short Shift volume is over, so here's a lil back cover image! We'lll seeeeeee if I'm feeling well enough, I'll try to be back to regular updates with I'm Not a Trickster! tomorrow?? Otherwise. Uh. I do have other comics to run don't worryyyy there will probably be something

Monday 10 May

Right!! Time for the final page of this Short Shift volume!! Which meaaaans.... I'll post a lil back cover page tomorrow, then do my best to get back to regular updates!!

Sunday 9 May

Here's the next Short Shift update! Getting preeeetty close to the end of the volume! Guess I should start thinking about drawing again huhhhh

Satuday 8 May

Here's a Short Shift update! Yeah don't worry I'm sure that doesn't sound familiar at all.

Friday 7 May

Here's another Short Shift update!! Yeah I'm pretty sure she just made that up.

Thursday 6 May

Aaand another Short Shift page is here! This sort of shenanigans is pretty low-key for Miss E, Lot is a lucky raccoon.

Wednesday 5 May

Here's today's Short Shift update! Our new lovely raccoon friend was designed by Puyon and uh... *checks* whoops he ain't named anywhere in this volume. It's Lotorio! Or Lot for short. Lot will appear again in another comic, at which point I should remember to not forget to have somebody say his name out loud.

Tuesday 4 May

Tiiime for a Short Shift update! That's right, Miss E is back, because I always love to draw her. Mwaha

Monday 3 May

Yesterday's Random Encounter page is fiiinally coloured. So time for me to take that break, here's the title page of a new Short Shift volume!!

Sunday 2 May

Allllllright!!! Finally here's a Random Encounter update!! Well uh. Just inks for now. I hope to colour it quickly... But uh, since I'm having trouble keeping up at the moment, I have a plaaaaan. And that plan is I'm taking next week-ish off. I've got some volumes of Short Shift that I've been working on in hopes of having a buffer for when I get surgery later this year. But hey I can post one of them now to cover my butt now, right??

And then I can slowly take it easy for the next week-ish. And also get caught up on various other comics :V