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Today's comic, Short Shift, for Wednesday 17th of August 2022

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Thursday 18 August

This tonsilitis is taking a lot longer to heal than I would like. Which to be fair my desire is "heal immediately" and this is just... not. Well I'm still much better than I was on Tuesday, but still very unwell. Even drawing simple things is taking inordinate amounts of time and energy. And I'll keep doing it anyway because I want to. So! Here's the first page of that new Short Shift story!

I dunno what I'll update tomorrow because I haven't yet written the next page and drawing is hard. It'll either be this or Darkness Falls or idk more of Snorse or Somewhere Far Away or something dumb like a title page for another comic like Death's Door or Mysteries of the Obscured. There's plenty of simple stuff I can work on. Whatever it is that I can draw, that will be what I draw.

Wednesday 17 August

Still super sick so I guess this week's update schedule is "whatever i can draw". Which today means I'm starting a new Short Shift story! I dunno how long this one is because I'm still writing it lol. seemed like a good idea at the time.

Tuesday 16 August

I'm a dumbass who worked too hard while being horribly unwell and now I'm super horribly unwell and had to rush to a walk-in clinic tonight to get meds -_- did I learn anything?? no

anyway I got tonsilitis real bad and can't draw much so I managed to draw a Snorse update! I did not manage to find a scanner though. I'll replace that with a nicer scan once I'm feeling better...

Monday 15 August

Still horribly sick but I get to sit upright and be awake for upwards of three hours today so that's better than yesterday. So I did manage to draw a The Breaking update!

Idk what I'll draw tomorrow, I expect to still be too sick to be moving at full speed

Sunday 14 August

Alright sooooo I woke up at 5am to a horrible fever, chills and joint pain, and an awful sore throat and dizziness. And my cat licking my head. Why does he do this. ANYWAY this is to say that I'm horribly, horribly unwell and even had to phone somebody to feed my animals and bring me tea because I could not stand up for most of the day. I spent the whole day sleeping on the couch and feeling awful and now I can at least stand up for brief periods, but I'm still feeling awful so suffice to say I can't draw anythingggg

Puyon incredibly kindly drew this amazing Random Encounter guest page because of course my biggest problem was "NO MY COMIC UPDATING STREAK...". THANK YOU PUYON AAAAaaaa.

Now I'm going to go back to sleep and hopefully be able to draw something tomorrow but idk I guess I'll seeee

Saturday 13 August

Here's this week's Fall update! I'm sure it's nothing ominous.

Friday 12 August

Time for a Random Encounter update! Hey it's that guy that everyone was talking about

Thursday 11 August

Here's today's I'm Not a Trickster! update! It's a weird week, I'm still very sick (I mean I'm always sick but y'know) and I'm pretty convinced it should be later in the week than it is. HRMMMmmmmm. Anyway. More comics to do.

Wednesday 10 August

Heeeere's that delayed The Rose of Gaea update! As always, Jake makes a smart decision. They're the only ones he knows how to make

ALSO I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to start a new comic. Because... wait did I have a reason? Well anyway there's a new comic I started it's called Somewhere Far Away and it's about Bluff!! Well I caught sight of some notes from like 8 years ago that said "you can do a comic about Bluff if you want" and then well now there is a comic about Bluff. Was this a good idea? Well I did it anyway. When will it update??? Ah yes. That's the hitch. Because I already have Merc and Short Shift updating "whenever I can draw them" (and Snorse, whoops I should draw more of that) so I guess it's on that schedule for now toooooo...

I also at some point gotta get the last volume of Death's Door done, get back to Key which has like three more volumes or something, get some more Mysteries of the Obscured done, and ummm I forgot the rest but there's probably more. BUT TODAY. Is a Somewhere Far Away time.

Anyway. Back to the comics mine because tomorrow is time for another comic.

Tuesday 9 August

I am horribly unwell as usual so I haven't gotten Rose of Gaea done. But here's a Darkness Falls update! yes I'm sure that's definitely what she was going to say and she isn't going to be mad about this at all.

IDK if I'll update Rose tomorrow because I'm really much sicker than usual. But I'll try to draw something.

Monday 8 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! She literally cannot be stopped from doing stupid things. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Sunday 7 August

Time for this week's The Breaking update! Dyaris is probably the only man alive who's been called dumb to his face by the creation goddess, and he should be proud of that.

Saturday 6 August

Here's this week's Fall update! Ah, those guys again.

Once again I am hecka sick and hecka busy but I'll do my best to keep updating. Hopefully The Breaking won't be as late as it was last week but uhhh we'll see. One day I would like to be less busy, then I will have a big sleep and then I'll be like "oh no I have not enough time to draw comics again" but this time it will be my own fault. yes.

Friday 5 August

Here's finally a new Random Encounter update! Yeah no particular reason that one took as long as it did. Hopefully the next one doesn't take as long!

Welp I suddenly realised I'm completely out of layouts though so I should probably get to writing so it doesn't take as long.

Thursday 4 August

Here's today's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Yeah hrmm maybe I should one day do a Mysteries of the Obscured issue about different kinds of ghosties and undeads or something. Until then, here's a succint explanation.

I mean ghosts can try to kill you if they want to though.

Wednesday 3 August

Tiiime for this week's Darkness Falls update! Hold onto your butts because things are about to get dumb. Wait I mean dumber

Tuesday 2 August

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! Daryil and Jake in one room is peak shenanigans and everyone needs to watch out

Monday 1 August

Wellllll I did manage to update The Breaking super late yesterday. But I'm still hella busy and quite unwell. Sooo I haven't gotten Random Encounter done still. It's partially inked, but going slowwww.

So, instead again here is a Merc update! Now I'm 100% out of buffer pages hrmmm sure hope I don't continue being hella busy and quite unwell or this is going to be A Problem....

Sunday 31 July

The Breaking is going to be late!! I was out all day and didn't get time to do it urghhh. I hopefully can get it done in the morning so it's like 12 hours late... but we'll see. If not uhh I'll probably post a Merc page. We'll seeeeee

Hella late update: sorry it's hella late here's that The Breaking update!

Saturday 30 July

Here's this week's Fall update! Well I'm glad I posted that Short Shift update earlier so we could have enough shenanigans Jake to offset all the ... this

Friday 29 July

Well for some reason, I'm sure I have no idea what, I ended up being too busy to get any art done today. So, instead of a Random Encounter update, here's a Merc update!

Hrmm hopefully I am up to no further shenanigans this week and then I won't mess around with any other regular updates.

*checks notes*

oh no

busy all every day of the rest of forever... but extra busy every day left in this week

Thursday 28 July

Alright!! It's my birthday so I decide to update a different comic than usual. And that comic is a whole Short Shift volume! That was a link to just the title page, but if you wanna read the whole thing on one page you can go here.

why a short shift comic?? idk it's what I decided yesterday I wanted which then meant a ton of extra work so go team me

Wednesday 27 July

Here's today's Darkness Falls update! HRMMM I might try to upload something different from the regular update tomorrow. We'll see if I get my act together as to what it will be though :V

Tuesday 26 July

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! Now we're getting into it

Monday 25 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Yeah Lear isn't the best guard but he's doing his best.

Sunday 24 July

Time for this week's The Breaking update! Dyaris just wants a hug, it's been a while.

Saturday 23 July

Here's this week's Fall update! I'm sure everything will work out fine though right

Friday 22 July

Movin very slowly today.... so I took a little break with a little filler Random Encounter update! Sometimes you remember that you can draw a lionsnake instead of doing anything ese and then that's what you gotta do

Thursday 21 July

Time for this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! I did briefly think about being lazy and sleeping instead of finishing this page once again haha but I guess I'd best not skip two weeks in a row. Not when there's trouble to put Lina into.

Wednesday 20 July

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! Most tricksters aren't this weird, but sometimess you run into a real nest of weirdos. Now I'm not saying Heather and George are weirdo magnets, but well they did run into Daryil...

Tuesday 19 July

I once again switch update days, because I am sleepy and I want to sleep. Well, I started Rose of Gaea but it's a bit of a complicated first panel so I easily gave up lol. It should be done for tomorrow.

So! Here's a Darkness Falls update! That is a new one on Saturn.

Monday 18 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! They're slowly working it out.