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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Wednesday 14th of April 2021

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Wednesday 14 April

Tiiime for this week's Darkness Falls update! Bad ideas is the name of the game, all of the time.

Tuesday 13 April

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Oops I guess we're still one week off learning more about Reinmara. Welp! Next week!

Monday 12 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Oh no, Peony in a comic for a non-April fools' related reason???

Sunday 11 April (late)

Alright super late!! But here I am here's a The Breaking update! Because I wanted to draw it

Here also is the last few pages of A Past Melody!!! Five pages starting from there. There will be some bonus pages for the end of the volume that Kit also sent me, so I'll post those sometime next week depending on when I most feel like I might miss an update haha...

Saturday 10 April

Here's this week's Fall update! Jake is super defensive about how much of a dummy he is.

Whatever I'm updating tomorrow, 99% chance it'll be a bit late. Which is kinda funny because if it was on time and a regular update then finally I would achieve the mythical 1 month solid of updates.... but I am out of town so alas

Friday 9 April

Iiiii'm super unwell today, so while I did get a comic update done it's only a lil filler page!! So yeah here's that Random Encounter update! Now I take a quiet nap...

Thursday 8 April

Alright!! I've removed all the extra mice so now only the ones that should be there are there (though you might need to refresh to see the right pages haha). SO! Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! page!

Also heads up I'm trying real hard to keep the comic update train rolling, but I reckon Sunday's regular update will probably be missed because I'm out of town. But Kit's sent me the rest of A Past Melody so at the very least I should hopefully be able to post that! Though it might be a bit late depending on how things go. We'llllll seeeeee. Anyway! I'd better get some rest so I can at least try to get Friday and Saturday's comics done, yes

Wednesday 7 April

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update!!

Hmm. Seems like some mice got in during this fools' week. Not to worry! I'll get the broom and chase them out either tomorrow or over the next week as I continue updates, depending on how lazy I am haha

Tuesday 6 April

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! I guess it might be time to start learning about Reinmara.... next week!!!

Monday 5 April

Woo, Monday. Here's today's Random Encounter update! The April-ing continues... for two more days

Sunday 4 April

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Another perfectly normal page with perfectly normal characters.

Saturday 3 April

Of course, the entire first week of April is traditionally totally normal comics, so let's continue with today's totally normal Fall update!

Friday 2 April

Happy Fridayyy here's today's Random Encounter update! Happy Aprillll

Thursday 1 April

Tiiiime for this week's I'm Not a Trickster! page! Oh, it's April already??? Hmm. HMMMMMMmmmmmmm

Wednesday 31 March

End of the month already?? Sheeesh that went fast. Here's today's Darkness Falls update!