Today's comic, Merc, for Tuesday 16th of April 2024

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Tuesday 16 April

Indeed sorry I ended up being way too tired and out of town yesterday to do a comic! But today I am here with a Merc update!

Oh, good one, Lani.

I also have still not prepared a buffer for this weekend and I am going to be gone to a convention from Thursday through Monday so lol. Uhm. I'll try to post something?? Ah what could possibly go wrong

Sunday 14 April

Here's this week's Ace update! Starring Ace.

High chance I'll miss tomorrow's update since I'm out of town but I'll see what I can do

Saturday 13 April

Alright!!! Since Fall is over it's time for a new Saturday comic! And that comic is... Death's Door! Which ... is not a super surprise since I did say it probably would be, lol.

Anyway, Death's Door! Just like volume 1 and volume 2, I am planning for this to be the last volume for this series. So let's see how it goes lol. It might be kind of a bummer one to end on so that could change. We'll seeeeeeee

Friday 12 April

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Ah back to normal back to normal... back to the normal of me drawing pages that take way longer to draw than if I just drew a title page u_u

Thursday 11 April

So busy so tired aaaa but I did manage to get a Heretic update done! Laguna's memory is not quite as perfect in dreams as like, Merc's is.

I might try to get that Peony update caught up next week?? ? But uhhhh I realise I am out of town on Sunday and also out of town from next Thursday to next Monday so I probably ... should plan better.

Wednesday 10 April

Wellllll I tried to get back to regular updates, but then I got SUPER TIRED ahaha.... anyway, uh, Peony IS sketched, so either it or Heretic should go up tomorrow I think...

Tuesday 9 April

Right here's this week's Merc update! Yeah see I'm back to normal updates now... . fOR NOW...

but for reals I'm back to/continuing to be? super busy so we'll see what I can get done. I wanna try to build a buffer of something because I gotta go out of town later this month... so we'll also see how that goes! For now... sleep? Yeah sleep sounds good.

Monday 8 April

We've all had our fun, let's move on to Random Encounter volume 84! This one's gonna be about Danni and might clear up a certain future mystery...

Sunday 7 April

Here's one last try at the title page for volume 83. Well, Puyon helped out with the art this time! THANK YOU PUYON!! Here's the title page for the new Random Encounter volume!

Actually nevermind, I'm done with volume 83. That was a fun April fools' week diversion, how about next week we go back to regular updates.


Saturday 6 April

Alright alright yes yes another try at that cover page for the new Random Encounter volume! No hrmmm that's not it. Well! Tomorrow for sure. If I don't get it then, well.... I'll just have to start a completely different volume on Monday, won't I?

Friday 5 April

Stiiiiill quite sick but I can actually get up and walk around today, so that's pretty swell! Still trying to work out this dang cover for that Random Encounter volume... ah I'm sure I'll get it one of these days

Thursday 4 April

Nevermind nevermind here's the real new cover for that Random Encounter volume!

....actually super glad I'm taking it easy with these this week because I am way too sick to move today lol

Wednesday 3 April

Sorry sorry there was a mixup, here's the new cover for that Random Encounter volume! Yes wait hang on this seems to be too much like another comic

Tuesday 2 April

Nevermind changed my mind here's the new cover for that Random Encounter volume!

merlin won't it get old doing this for an entire week? no I don't see how that could happen

Monday 1 April

Alright here's the cover for the new Random Encounter volume! Yeah this is the right cover I think. Don't worry about that previous cover it was wrong.

Sunday 31 March

Ace is gonna be late!! Maybe I overdid it yesterday?? More likely my cat was being an asshole waking me up all night for fun. And then I had too much cut price chocolate. BUT HOPEFULLY IT'LL BE UP BEFORE LUNCH.... and then.... ooh new Random Encounter volume for Monday

late edit: Here's this week's Ace update! This kingdom is staffed by incredibly competent people

Saturday 30 March

I'm having one of those days where I go mad with power upon realising I can finish a comic if I do that. And then upload five pages in a day. And so!!! I'M FINISHING FALL. Here's the last lot of Fall pages, starting from this page! ah! What happened! How did I finish this comic?! What is this

Thanks for reading!! It feels like it's been ages since I finished a comic but actually that other one finished in December so that is not really true. And it was funny timing for it to do that so I could do... this! Aaand. Uhmmm. Oh what will I start on next Saturday... I guess I was planning on bringing Death's Door back for its last volume, let's see if I change my mind before that

Friday 29 March

Ooorgh I am so tired perhaps I will just sleep all weekend... but until then, here's the title page for the new Random Encounter volume!! Yes yes let's see how it goes on Monday...

Thursday 28 March

Aaaaand here's this week's Heretic update! It's fine, what could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday 27 March

Here's this week's Peony update! Just a one page today cuz I got the sleepies. Next time: definitely time for a scene change I hate drawing dungeons and every time I swear I will never arrest a character again, and yet......

Tuesday 26 March

Time for this week's Merc update!! And I'm going for a two-page update to kinda make up for last week's shenanigans. So here's two pages, one and two!

Monday 25 March

Here's today's Random Encounter update! And that actually is the last page of this volume!! They're all BACK so now... there will be more shenanigans. Starting Friday!! I'm gonna try not to miss any updates for the next volume and then hrmm idk maybe I will miss some for the volume after but it would be nice to not do that and to get lots of volumes done this year instead.

Sunday 24 March

Busy day of catching up with weekend pages, here's this week's delayed Fall update! Oops sorry Mars.

And here's this week's Ace update! I guess a lot of people in this kingdom are just like that.

Saturday 23 March

Here's that late Random Encounter update! And Fall will be up tomorrow aaaaaa so sleepy what from bein so busyyyy

Friday 22 March

Aaaaand I'm back! Kind of. I'm halfway done inking Random Encounter so it should be up tomorrow alongside some Fall. Hopefully. HOPEFULLY. AAAA SO BUSY

Wednesday 20 March

Alright, sorry, way, waaaaay too busy this week. And sick. So I am getting a whole hecka nothing done outside of work...

Well so instead of Merc, Peony and Heretic, here is a short little Short Shift volume! I hope I can be back on Friday with Random Encounter but uhmmm we'll seeeee