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Today's comic, I'm Not a Trickster!, for Thursday 2nd of December 2021

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Thursday 2 December

Time for this week's I'm Not a Trickster! comic! Long weird caves, we got 'em.

Wednesday 1 December

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Wtf it is December already

e: fixed Nova's missing sun whoops lol refresh to see the new page

Tuesday 30 November

Random Encounter did update yesterday, just a lil late. And today we've got an update of The Rose of Gaea! And now... I sleep

Monday 29 November

Comic's well underway butttttttttt I'm moving super slow today so it's not yet done. I'll try to have it done over lunch otherwise uhhh it'll update tomorrow. Unless something goes horribly wrong.

Late edit: Sorry for the delaaaaay!! Here's that Random Encounter update! Now to try to see if I can draw an update for tomorrow haha

Sunday 28 November

Bit of an early update today, because for once I got the page done early and also have stuff to do tonight again. Here's a The Breaking update!

Friday 26 November

Random Encounter will definitely update, it's just gonna be a biiiiit late. I'm gonna work on it over lunch, it's only like a panel away from being fully inked but I'm so exhausted hnnnnn

Late edit: here's that delayed Random Encounter update! Sorry sorry again for the delayyyy. Tomorrow there won't be an update but Sunday... there probably will be. Really busy week

Thursday 25 November

Sorry for the lack of updates!! But here's at least a Darkness Falls update! I'm hoping tomorrow is low key so I can get an update done, but Saturday I'll probably have to skip. Hopefully after that I'll be able to update more regularly again until December 20 lol

Wednesday 24 November

It's been another long day of getting scans and stuff, sorry sorry!! Darkness Falls is about halfway done so I'm gonna try to get it done tomorrowwwww

Tuesday 23 November

Ah, yep, working late alongside going out and about for tons of medical tests was indeed a recipe for immediately being way too tired to do anything the second I got off work, lol. So uh... no comic today!! Tomorrow and the day after will also be tricky but maybe the day after will be ok?? Who knows, I'll do what I can do though

Monday 22 November

Yeah still a bit sick. So I spent most of the day sleepiing and then got distracted programming instead of like. Drawing a comic. WHOOPS. But here's the next six pages of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 4! Thank you Kit for saving my bacon with comics once again haha.

one day I'll manage a Monday update properly lol. The next Random Encounter page is sketched and partially inked but... it's a lot and I'm sleepy.

Sunday 21 November

Here's today's The Breaking update! I am once again, very sick. And I've got a ton of medical tests coming up next week sooooo we'll see how Monday's and the rest of next week's updates go lol

Saturday 20 November

Here's this week's Fall update! Conveniently for me a smallish one today, because I did spend all evening playing video games instead of drawing. Because idk Friday night video games

Friday 19 November

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Now I gotta get my act together and actually write Monday's page so I stand a chance of not missing a Monday update for a change lol.