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Today's comic, I'm Not a Trickster!, for Thursday 3rd of December 2020

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Friday 4 December

Alright, Random Encounter is sketched and partly inked, but I got way caught up in shenanigans today and didn't get it finished. HOWEVER... I'll try to get this page done before the end of the week. If I don't then I will definitely make Monday's update a double-update to make it up. I don't wanna completely miss a bunch of updates this month like I did last month!!

Thursday 3 December

I gotta update I'm Not a Trickster! because it's been a while since I last successfully updated it... but I ended up getting caught up with shenanigans today so I was only able to get the inks done, oops. Better than nothing?? But I'll try to have it coloured before next week's update :T

Wednesday 2 December

Here's this week's Death's Door update! That's why you don't escalate with a powerful mage though :v

Tuesday 1 December

4 days of updates?? What a world! Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Will I be able to keep up with actually updating?? Who knows probably not but I'll try. Welcome to Decemberrrrr

Monday 30 November

I did it nyeheheh.... an actually on time Random Encounter update! Now I sleep and hopefully can continue a streak of comics updates okk

Sunday 29 November

Two updates on two days, one after the other?? What a world! Yesterday's Random Encounter page is now coloured, and here's an update of Fall!

I'm going to keep trying to make this the time when I can continue updates, but it's weird getting back into the swing of things.

Saturday 28 November

Alright!!!! I've got a Random Encounter update! ...I just need to colour it in the morning. AND THEN I WILL GET BACK ON TRACK WITH UPDATES unless I melt in the heatwave

Well, idk which comic I plan to update for tomorrow but I would like to update a something.

Friday 27 November

Heatwave + started a new job = no comic tonight, BUT.... that does mean I'm at the end of my "oh geez i'm ridiculously busy every day and working every weekend" stint! So hopefully after this adjustment period I'll be back on track with updates. Hopefully.

Thursday 26 November

Comic is uhhhh not quite done! But it's sketched, and I want to try to get this page finished this week since I missed this comic last week. But we'll seeeeee.... super busy... but I'll try!!!

Wednesday 25 November

Still busy, but I managed to get this week's Death's Door update done! I'll slowly keep doing me best to get pages done as I can

Tuesday 24 November

And back to being super super busy... I wasn't able to catch up on Random Encounter, but here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

I'm probably going to be super busy for the next two or so weeks, so I'll keep missing a lot of updates... but hopefully after that I'll get back on track. Sorry!

Monday 23 November

Comic's gonna be late!! This time it's because I hurt my arm so bad I can't move it. But maybe it will be ok tomorrow

Sunday 22 November

Alright! Yesterday's comic is now coloured, and today... I am once again too busy to draw anything for the update. I'll see if I can get sommmmething drawn for tomorrow :V

Saturday 21 November

Well!!! I got a one thing done. It's just the inks for that Random Encounter update! Gonna try to get it coloured in the morning... at some point I'm gonna stop being so busy I can't get anything done. AT SOME POINT

late edit: COMIC'S COLOURED.

Friday 20 November

One day off, one day on, seems to be about my speed at the moment. So busy.. I'm going to do my best to have Random Encounter updated tomorrow though. Sorry for the delays! I'm hoping things will settle down somewhat next month and I can get back into the swing of things...

Thursday 19 November

Alright!! Still very very busy, so I wasn't able to get I'm Not a Trickster! updated. But I figured I could get Death's Door updated, so I did!

UMMM gonna try very hard to get a Random Encounter update done tomorrow. Still super busy but nyuhhh I wanna get that volume done... or at least the most awkward scene within :V

Wednesday 18 November

Looong day. No comic today. I've got it partially sketched but... long day. I may or may not be able to update tomorrow depending on how busy I continue to be but I'll tryyyyy

Tuesday 17 November

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! This reinmara is way too fun to write.

Monday 16 November

Slowly working on comics, but yeah none today. Hopefully I'll have a Random Encounter page by the end of the week, though! Gonna be a busy one but I got a lot I want to get done.

Sunday 15 November

Finally I also have an update for The Breaking!

Uh, there's a pretty high chance that I won't have a Random Encounter update tomorrow though, I've got a ton of other things to get done today unfortunately!

Saturday 14 November

Gimme like, 12 more hours, I'm going to have a Fall update today SO HELP ME

Late edit: sorry for the delay here's finally that Fall update!

Friday 13 November

Slowly recovering! It's not been a great month so far for drawing comics, and it'll continue to not be good as I'm going to be very, very busy until... well probably the end of the year. BUT I WILL DO MY BEST...

Today I do have a Random Encounter update! ...but it's just a silly little strip with Drake and Dar. I'll try to get Fall and The Breaking updated this weekend though, been a while since I managed those ;v

Thursday 12 November

Nyeheh, I spent all evening lying down because my back hurts... so, comic is late. I wanna try to get Random Encounter updated tomorrow though!!! ...assuming my back is not so bad by then. Sorry for the delays!!!

Wednesday 11 November

Alright I dunno why this page took so dang long to finally update, but here's today's Death's Door update!!! Hopefully I don't miss too many more of these before I get to the end of this one, whoops.

Tuesday 10 November

Here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col starting trouble, as usual.

Monday 9 November

FINALLY I have a Random Encounter update!! Now to flail around trying to write how the rest of this scene goes, hurf.

Sunday 8 November

Puyon really saved my bacon today!! After working way too hard all week with no rest and also illness I decided to celebrate my only day off by being extremely lazy and not doing anything. It was pretty great. I probably should've drawn a comic but wow it has been a tiring week...

Anyway!!! Puyon drew us a very excellent new page for Dhark's Hero Stories!

I'll try to be less lazy tomorrow (after work...) and get something drawn!!!

Saturday 7 November

Double-sorry!! I'm finally not feeling super duper sick which is great, but now I am super duper busy with work so I didn't have the time for a comic today. I should only be working a little bit over the weekend so I shooouuuuld be able to update something tomorrow. HOPEFULLY!!!

Friday 6 November

Sorry!! I ended up working really late so I haven't had the time to draw a comic tonight. Hopefully I'll have one tomorrow??

Thursday 5 November

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster!! I'm sure it's fine. Alsoooo I missed Death's Door two weeks in a row?? That's not great, I'll see if I can do something about that later in the week... I do have a page halfway inked. I'm just. Still really really sick. I've been feeling absolutely horrible for nearly two solid weeks now so I probably should think about like. Doctors and stuff. :v bwehh body just feel better ok

Wednesday 4 November

Alright it's a little late but here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Finally time for Col again, yesss

I'm still pretty sick! Well like I'm always sick, but I'm stiiiiill recovering from this downturn. I am feeling better than yesterday, but it seems like it's slow going. I'll do my best but I might miss some more updates this week.

Tuesday 3 November

I hurt my stomach a lot from being so sick and while I'm slowly starting to feel better I'm still noodling about instead of being able to do anything.

Tomorrow I plan to at least get this Mysteries of the Obscured page done!!! ...hopefully. I also gotta take my cat to the vet so ummm depends on how well that goes.

Monday 2 November

Well uhhh I'm slowly starting to feel better but still way too sick to move. So no comic today as I sleepily try to recover further

Sunday 1 November

Welcome to November here's a Merc update! Now I go to sleep I've been horribly, horribly sick all week and I hope I will be not sick enough tomorrow for to draw more comics zzzz

Saturday 31 October

THANK YOU PAST MERLIN FOR PREPARING SOMETHING IN ADVANCE FOR ONCE. It's Halloween!!! And that means it's time for a Halloween comic!!!

Here's the title page of this year's Mysteries of the Obscured Halloween issue! I've put the whole thing up at once because that is how I roll. It's in its own lil part of the archives since I haven't finished the prior issue yet, of course.

If you'd rather read the whole thing in one go, here's the full issue in one go! I... realised I updated the Mysteries archives for full-issue-at-once viewing but then didn't upload the links. So uh, I've fixed that now too!

Happy Halloween!! I'm working all weekend so uhhh tomorrow's update... may be a little late. I WILL have a comic ready though, I prepared a Merc page to run because I knew I'd be short on time! But I'm working overnight, so it'll be uploaded when I get to a computer.

Friday 30 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Hi, Chip. Bye, Chip.

Tomorrow I'll be posting this year's Halloween volume!! ...that means I gotta like. Do some coding. Maaaaaaan

Thursday 29 October

Still very under the weather, but I did get this week's I'm Not a Trickster! updated! I'm sure he's fine.

Wednesday 28 October

I wasn't actually too busy today, but I was incredibly unwell, so... no comic right now. Comic tomorrow?? I hope?? I don't wanna miss any more Death's Door or I'm Not a Trickster! since I missed those both last week, hrmm...

Tuesday 27 October

Right, well, I didn't get Mysteries of the Obscured updated because I decided to catch up on yesterday's Random Encounter update instead!

That said, we won't be "missing out" on MotO this week as the Halloween update is Mysteries-flavoured... Though if I could catch up on today's update as well that would be nice. I'm extreeeemely busy this week with work though so I really can't promise anything.

Monday 26 October

Working hard, but not on comics, sorry!! I'll have something up tomorrow, but for today I instead flail

Sunday 25 October

Sorry for the delay again, here's that two comics!!!

I've got a Fall update! Making plans is... hard

And here's this week's The Breaking update! Well we did kinda leave Dyaris in the middle of a scene that was a day ago, whoops

Saturday 24 October

Recovering a bit from an appointment earlier in the day (pro tip: don't get braces they are super painful) so tonight's comic will be late but I will do my best to update Fall this week!! And The Breaking!! ...neither are terribly complex pages, so hopefully I'll have them both up tomorrow...

Friday 23 October

OK! I might've missed a few pages this week but at least today I have a Random Encounter update!! Not recommended: staying up all night stewing on the past.