Today's comic, Merc, for Tuesday 25th of June 2024

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Tuesday 25 June

Here's this week's Merc update! Starring Merc. It's gonna be another busy week this week but fingers crossed I can keep keeping up with updates better than last week!!

Monday 24 June

Busy and cranky but also, comics! Here's that delayed Ace update! See now he's caught up and he can have all the same questions we have. Which Opus does not want to rhyme at.

Aaand here's today's Random Encounter volume! Since this one is just a lil break volume I'm gonna try and take it easy on it so I can have a tiny break. Wonder how that will go, lol

Sunday 23 June

Comic gonna be late again but it's Ace so I want to draw it sometime today ahh....

Saturday 22 June

Hey look, a comic!! Here's this week's Death's Door update! Still moving super slow though don't ask what time it is alright a comic that is two and a half hours late is still a comic

Friday 21 June

Whomp whomp. Moving super slow this week because I'm still busy and once again/still, chronic illness acting up. But I'm doing what I can and what I can today is the title page of the next Random Encounter volume! As is traditional, I'm doing a lil volume this time since the last volume was a bigger one. Not like, a big one, it was more of a comfortably medium one. But it wasn't a short one, so this one will be!

Thursday 20 June

I thought I would get a comic done today but unfortunately ended up working late and not having the time... But tomorrow! Tomorrow should be a cover page so definitely should be AN update... hopefully more than that but no promises since things are hectic.

Wednesday 19 June

Just kinda running alllll busy and tired this week. I'm gonna have to skip today's update, but I'll try to post something tomorrowwwwww.

Tuesday 18 June

Here's that delayed Random Encounter update! And that wraps up this volume! So I guess I should like write the next one haha...

Monday 17 June

Comic is coming along well! Got it all sketched and started inking, it's not too complex and it's the last page of the volume... But I decided instead of working hard to take it easy today and have a nap. Comic should be up tomorrow! And one day I will have a Monday update... one daaaaay

Sunday 16 June

Comic gonna be late!!! I'll try to have it posted around lunchtime... hopefully...

Late edit: Here's this week's Ace update!

Saturday 15 June

Here's today's Death's Door update! Tish is much more of a mortician than she is a hero. Not sure about Artemis though.

Friday 14 June

Dang I actually got a Friday update done?? Here's today's Random Encounter update! I guess if Saturn's saying that it must be something special. Or... hm... maybe we should withhold judgment until Dharfi weighs in.

Thursday 13 June

Made it to Thursday, yaaay. Here's this week's Heretic update! I can't believe past Merlin did layouts for the rest of this volume for me so it's easier to get done on time. That was uncommonly helpful of them.

Sucks to be Cecelia, not even knowing she's hunting a fish

Wednesday 12 June

Phewwww. Bit sick with vertigo this week, but doing my best to keep things rolling. Here's this week's delayed Merc update!

Aaaand here's this week's Peony update!

I intend to continue being sick tomorrow... but actually I also have a ton of work to do so idk if I'll be able to update comics on time but I will certainly tryyyyy. Dang ol life trying to get in the way of comics.

Tuesday 11 June

Alright I'm back with a perfectly normal four Random Encounters update. Sometimes it's gotta be a four pages instead of a one pages. But probably this will be the last mondo update for a while since we now enter the public holiday drought and I don't get Mondays off for MONTHS, weh. Anyway. Hey! Finally the thing happened!

Monday 10 June

Running laaate comic gonna be laaaate

Sunday 9 June

"Feeling less sick" lol famous last words... well I will continue. To complain and to draw comics. Here's this week's Ace update! Zephyr the dragon low-key hoards cushions

Saturday 8 June

Alright wow I have been SO BUSY... feeling less sick so that's a win. But anyway here's a Death's Door update! Yeah we're now on a countdown for until they're inside that tower I know I know

Friday 7 June

Waaaay busier today than I even expected, ended up working late and also being expectedly sleepy so today's comic will be late. Sorry! I'll have a comic up tomorrow, we'll see if it's Random Encounter or Death's Door. And it's another long weekend so I'd really like to do some hella Random Encounter catchup again. So maybe we'll just end up having a third super-shenanigans week in a row since I seem to do that instead of regularly paced updates...

Thursday 6 June

I was feeling a little stressed today, so my brain said "I know what will help, a nice little 3 Heretics" and idk now there is a three-page Heretic update!

I don't believe it was actually a helpful idea because it's nearly 1am and I did want to do Random Encounter tomorrow and also expect to be super busy tomorrow but sometimes you just gotta go for it.

Wednesday 5 June

Still sick, still busy, that's just how it goes but today again there is comics!

Here's yesterday's delayed Merc update! Merc, what comes around goes around...

And here's this week's on-time Peony update! Peony is never not helpful.

Tuesday 4 June

Still sick! It keeps happening. But I'm also full of bad decisions so here's a three Random Encounters update. Fuchsia might be cooler than Fury, that's the main takeaway here.

Monday 3 June

Stiiiiilllllll sick. So I'm gonna once again take a snooze and see if I can draw two pages tomorrow. Well I have sketched two pages and I really want to get caught up on Random Encounter... We'll see

Sunday 2 June

Still sick but a little bit caught up!

Here's that late Death's Door update!

And here's an on-time Ace update!

Saturday 1 June

Happy welcome to June! I'm still a bit too sick to draw good so I'm skipping today's update. For now. I did get the page sketched and started inking so maybe I will do it tomorrow... because at least it is the weekend and I can take it easy!

Yeah idk maybe I would be less sick if I had taken any time off work but well I am dumb so here we are.