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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Tuesday 28th of September 2021

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Wednesday 29 September

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! "Go to sleep and stop thinking" sounds like pretty good advice that I will now take.

Tuesday 28 September

Phewww... my whole body aches and I can't drawwww. Luckily there are comics, here's the latest batch of Some Trick!! 6 pages from there. Thanks Kit!!

Nowww I'm going to slowly roll to bed. Hopefully I will be feeling a bit better tomorrow and can draw, but my friends are telling me; probably not. Hey I'll do my best

Monday 27 September

Happy Monday!! My arm is sore so here's an excitement for you, an update of Dhark's Hero Stories from the ever-amazing Puyon!! They've also provided a lil foreward for the current volume, so... enjoy!! I sure did!!

Sunday 26 September

Time to cap off the week with a The Breaking update! Ummmm also I got my next jab today so maybe I won't update Random Encounter tomorrow, depending on how my arm feels. I will update something special instead if so though!!

Saturday 25 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Woo I think I managed a week of updates on the actual days??? With just one little delay haha. That's pretty good for me.

Friday 24 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! It's probably better if Ori doesn't know what's going on.

Thursday 23 September

Time for this week's I'm Not a Trickster! No she's looking for uh. Innocent Zaine. Good ol' Innocent Zaine.

Wednesday 22 September

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Trying to keep updating, also being super sick. That's pretty much how things usually go, but I'll keep trying!!

Tuesday 21 September

Here's today's The Rose of Gaea update! And Random Encounter update yesterday too, just a touch late.

Monday 20 September

Partway through inking Random Encounter.... but it's going to be a little late! I hope to get it done for tomorrow, hopefullyyyyy

late edit: Here's that Random Encounter update!! Sorry for the delay!

Sunday 19 September

Double update time for a little catch up time!! Here's yesterday's delayed Fall update!

And here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 18 September

Here's yesterday's delayed Random Encounter update! Because I had to draw Mwali. And now I'm late on Fall mwaha... I dunno what I'll update tomorrow, hopefully it'll be soemthing!!

Friday 17 September

Right, well, I did want to update this comic since I missed it last week so here's an update for I'm Not a Trickster! ...However naturally I am now late with Random Encounter. I'm really good at this. Uhhh it's somewhat sketched and what with where the story is at it would be nice if I could get this page done before Monday, haha. Buttttt.... there's so many other comics to draw so uhhh we'll see what updates when. Sorry!!

Thursday 16 September

Well, I did some sketching, but... feeling a bit out of it for getting comics done today. At any rate, like I said yesterday there is something to post!! There's the start of the new Fluffy Tales comic, with the next part of Some Trick! Five pages and a cover, so please enjoy Kit's work!! I sure did!

And at sommmmme point I really need to get my butt in gear and write the full-volume-view mode for the Fluffy Tales archives. It and Dhark's Hero Stories have a different structure so I need to write them a different script. Theoretically, incredibly simple. But then I need to catch my brain in "ready to write some PHP" mode and that's the tricky part. Ah well! One dayyyyy

Wednesday 15 September

Alright!! Here's this week's delayed The Rose of Gaea update!! And now.... Darkness Falls is not updated. HRMMM I gotta focus on I'm Not a Trickster! tomorrow cuz that didn't update last week. But we'll seeeee what I can do

...aaaaaggghhhh I just remembered that Kit sent me new Fluffy Tales and I should have updated THAT yesterday when I was being slack ahahahaaaaaaaa whoops. Well!!! I'll post it by Friday, depending on like, if I get regular comics done or not.

Tuesday 14 September

Uhhh The Rose of Gaea is well underway. I've gotten the next page halfway inked. I'm just. Super tired. So I'll try to get it done tomorrow. Definitely going to do my best to make sure it updates this week!!!

Monday 13 September

Time for a new week with a new Random Encounter update! She just doesn't want to say she brought 2/3rds of them along for moral support. And just 1/3rd for laughs.

Sunday 12 September

Aaaand let's cap off the week with today's The Breaking update!

Saturday 11 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Drawing comics while playing video games might be a terrible idea because it's getting close to 1am and this is all I drew today, but, hey it's fun what can ya do. I should probably get some sleep and then like. Draw more.

Friday 10 September

Somehow I got a comic done, haha. Here's today's Random Encounter update!

Yesterday's Darkness Falls is also finished yessss

Thursday 9 September

Still sick aaaaand crazy busy with work. But I managed to ink this week's Darkness Falls update! I'll try to get the tones finished tomorrow, hopefullyyyyy alongside Random Encounter. Or something.

Wednesday 8 September

I once again have started a comic and then... didn't get to finish it. Due to being super busy and also being sick. So I am going to rest and regroup for tomorrow.

Tuesday 7 September

Wooo finally done with this Random Encounter update! Now to have a sleep.

Monday 6 September

Wwwwwwelll! I tried. But I couldn't get far enough along in the next Random Encounter page to post it just yet. I'm gonna try to make sure it's the next comic I get done though...

Sunday 5 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Phewww. I've actually got my first covid vaccine appointment today (FINALLY SHEESH) so I might or might not be able to update Random Encounter tomorrow. I've been slowly picking at it over the weekend so uhhh I'll try to at least have the inks posted!

Saturday 4 September

Bwahhhh still sick and busy so I couldn't finish tonight's comic eitherr........ I'm gonna try really hard to get something done tomorrow!!!

Late update: WOOO I got up kinda early and got today's comic done just kinda late. Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 3 September

Comic is sketched, comic is partially inked, but comic is... not quite done yet, sorry! Still sick, been super busy and workin late today, and... yeah. Ran out of time! I'll try to get something done for tomorrow though...

Thursday 2 September

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! Pffft when did it become September, what is this

Wednesday 1 September

Alright I'm caught up now. Still hella sick. But caught up!!

Here's yesterday's The Rose of Gaea update!

And today's Darkness Falls update!

Tuesday 31 August

Stilllll a bit sick. I've gotten today's comic sketched but it's not done, sorry!! so uh. I'm gonna have a sleep. And see if I can draw tomorrow....

Monday 30 August

Wooo that took too long. Here's today's Random Encounter update! Now I can have a rest.

Sunday 29 August

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Still taking it slow cuz I'm feeling sick, but hopefully I can keep updating... Uhhh. Hopefully. Tomorrow's comic is gonna be a pain in the butt to draw so we'll seeeee haha

Saturday 28 August

Slowwwly movin along. Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 27 August

Iiii'm too sick to get a regular update drawn tonight. Also too sick to tell if I've drawn this exact comic before hhrmmm...... well here's a lil fller page of Random Encounter!

Thursday 26 August

Maaaan when did it become Thursday, this week going by too fast. Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster!

Wednesday 25 August

Time for a Darkness Falls update! Colfer with the big questions

Tuesday 24 August

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! More sparkle effects = more godlier

Monday 23 August

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Drake kept it together until they all left because she's Super Tough.

Sunday 22 August

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Hopefully I'll be able to get a Random Encounter page done tomorrow but uhhh I just realised I'm super behind on writing that so I've got a lot to do haha. I'll do my best.

Saturday 21 August

Hey a full week of updates?? Here's this week's Fall update! And a comic with all of the elemental gods in it, kind of. Yes!