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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Friday 8th of July 2022

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Friday 8 July

Random Encounter is sketched but uh... still super sick and busy, so I can't get it finished tonight. So! I dive into my meagre buffer and pull out a Darkness Falls update! Hrmm somebody should really stop being sick and busy and replenish this dang buffer

Thursday 7 July

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update. Delina has had enough of Lacunae's shenanigans.

Wednesday 6 July

Aaand here's that delayed The Rose of Gaea update!

Tuesday 5 July

Really really sick (still, ughhhhh), so instead of Rose of Gaea here's a Darkness Falls update! Sometimes I think it's very funny to reuse panels, so I do.

Monday 4 July

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Setting a fire in your prison cell is a classic technique with no downsides

Sunday 3 July

Very exhausted today, so instead of the regular scheduled The Breaking update, here's the next batch of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick Part 4! 10 pages, starting from that link, and ohhhhh my heart. The pages are so sweet this batch.

Alsoooo I finally added full volume viewing to the Fluffy Tales archive! I should get off my butt and go through the other archives and add it for more comics but ... hmm. doing stuff. sounds like a hassle.

I have a secret long list of site updates to do that I keep not doing, I'll just add it to that

Saturday 2 July

Here's this week's Fall update! Marie is the kind of helpful I sometimes wish I was

Friday 1 July

Welllll still trying to draw through life being a butt. And I did it yaay. Here's today's Random Encounter update!

now back to bed

Thursday 30 June

Here's today's I'm Not a Trickster! update

Still wildly unwell so I miiiight post some Fluffy Tales instead of Random Encounter tomorrow. We'll see how I go.

Wednesday 29 June

Wellll to the surprise of myself most of all, I decided to roll on with a new Darkness Falls volume! After last week I was like wait what if I had a volume with Saturn in it and then yeah I guess I'll do that. It sort of came down to this or Merc, but I used up my Merc buffer last week whereas I still have a teeny buffer for Darkness Falls so... more Darkness Falls it is. Since I'm still sick as a dog and haven't had a proper night's sleep in weeks.

At some point later this year hopefully I'll have another comic finished and then I'll be able to start a different update schedule... maybe

Tuesday 28 June

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update

Monday 27 June

Tiiime for a Random Encounter update! Finally is Paige

Sunday 26 June

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Still sick trying my best to draw all the comics let's gooooo (to bed)

Saturday 25 June

Still feel horribly horribly sick. Like, this sucks. But on Friday nights I have the magical ability to drink a bunch of coffee and stay up til 2am drawing comics. Can't possibly see how I'll regret this.

Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 24 June

Aaaand here's the back cover splash to cap off that Short Shift story! To tell the truth I still feel terrrrrible. I'm considering if tomorrow I just roll up with another Short Shift volume so I can have a bit more time to rest. But... we'll see. If I can go back to regular updates I will, just taking it as it comes at the moment.

Thursday 23 June

Here's that Short Shift page! Yeah taking a comic that is just one page and giving it the full volume cover and back cover splash treatment will never not be funny to me. I'm gonna keep doing it. Anyway! And that's how Rico and Leo became besties. But in that trickster way where you both end up running safehouses so most of the time you have to pretend not to know each other.

If I am feeling better tomorrow I'll draw Random Encounter as well as the splash but I'm still feeling quite bad so it probably will just be a splash pic. But I'll get something.

Wednesday 22 June

Welllll I was lying here feeling sick and I've also been super super busy, mweh.... so I knew I wasn't going to get Rose of Gaea finished and I was like dang does this end my update streak...?

Then I remembered I stole a story idea from Keej a while ago and it would be perfect for me to quickly run while I try to recover my health and get used to my new work what I suddenly am doing, so!!! There's going to be a new Short Shift story! It's just a little little little one, mwaha. So it'll run tomorrow and Friday. And then back to regular updates, HOPEFULLY...

Tuesday 21 June

The Rose of Gaea is sketched and I started inking it and then I went to sleep instead of finishing it. Normal night. So uhh.... Here's an early Darkness Falls update! And that... is the end of that volume!!

Thanks again a million million times to Puyon for writing and doing layouts for this volume, it's been a lot of fum! I have a lot of trouble coming up with Darkness Falls stories myself, so this has been great! And yeah that said since I do have a lot of trouble coming up with those stories it's now on hiatus. Next week: some other comic that I'm sure I will decide on last-minute

HOPEFULLY I will finally be feeling well enough tomorrow to draw comics. Because both of the pages I have to work on tomorrow have hecka establishing shots to get done and I am tired just thinking about it... and I am like 100% out of buffer now so I really ought to prepare something so that next time I am sick like this I can just post random comics instead of skipping an update day entirely ho ho...

Monday 20 June

Feeling very sick still so instead of a regular update here's a Merc update, for the first time in... .uhh geez it's been a while huh.

Merc is definitely on the shortlist for the next open update slot but once again I am thinking of something else now anyway. Like what if I had another short comic like Rose of Gaea or Meddy that's just, a short little thing. Anyway... I need a rest so I'llllll be back with more comics

Sunday 19 June

Feeling quite ill so The Breaking will be a little late. It's sketched and partway inked so hopefully I'll have it up within 12 hours...

late update: Here's that The Breaking update! I'm still hecka sick so I'm not sure if I'll update Random Encounter tomorrow... if I don't I will update another comic though!!

Saturday 18 June

Here's this week's Fall update! I'm sure they're just here to pal around

Friday 17 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Oric is a mulberry dryad, which I regretted by about the third cell as I was like "what do mulberry leaves even look like". In my defence it is winter, my mulberry dropped its leaves a while ago.

edit: whoops. was alerted to a big continuity error. For some reason I remembered the end of volume 60 being a "well cat's out of the bag time for Claw to just go back to showing off her neck and presenting as feminine again" when really it was more of Wrath and Naija being like "I know you're not ready yet so I'll keep your secrets". Specifically. They even said/did that. Pwah :V brain why do you do this to me

Anyway... I've fixed quite a few pages of art so I can properly do that story beat. You may need to refresh to see the fixed versions. For now, yeah Claw should definitely be being masculinely princely and not advertising to everybody about being a Phoenix clanner. For now....

Thursday 16 June

Time for this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Well, she probably doesn't run that shop anymore, though. I'm sure it was confiscated by the temple.

Wednesday 15 June

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! One page left and thennn... I should decide what I do next.

Oh yeah, that marks six months of daily updates without missing any!!! Which really I never would have managed without help from my lovely friends. Tapewolf for writing Rose of Gaea. Puyon for writing Darkness Falls and its holiday volume, getting that done was what kicked off this update streak! And Keej for drawing so much Fluffy Tales, which I then kept posting any time I was going to break the daily update streak haha.

Tuesday 14 June

Here's this week's Rose of Gaea update! Now I get to sleep zzz

Monday 13 June

Just a few hours late since I'm moving slowwww. Here's today's Random Encounter update! To be clear, there is no way the real god of fire would ever twig onto something like that either.

Sunday 12 June

Updating a lil early instead of late this week, haha. Because I think I will forget otherwise. Here's this week's The Breaking update! Dad patrol: dads on patrol

Saturday 11 June

Here's this week's Fall update! Wow Jake, Ceraph is big mad that you turned him blue.

Friday 10 June

Tiiiime for today's Random Encounter update! Yeah nothing is suspicious and I'm sure everything will be fun and fine.

Thursday 9 June

Here's today's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Confidentally correcting somebody, wrongly.

Wednesday 8 June

Here's this week's Rose of Gaea update! I think I'm feeling a bit better, hopefully I didn't just jinx that.

Tuesday 7 June

Still really sick, so I'm once again swapping some update days around. For today, here's a Darkness Falls update! Maybe the only time in LaRaGan history a dark power and a light power held hands like that

Tomorrow I'll try to update The Rose of Gaea, I've started on inking it and I hope I am on the mend but I dunno why I'm sick this time so lol. We'll see. Anyway we're also only two pages away from the end of this Darkness Falls volume I think?? I keep changing my mind about what to run after this is done. HRMMMMs. It changes every week. First I was thinking the last volume of Death's Door, because hey Death's Door. Then I was thinking another Mysteries of the Obscured because it's fun and easy. Then last week I was thinking hey Fall could use another update slot to get through all the bummer pages. Then more recently I was thinking Merc needs an update slot and also it's nice to have a comic that takes a little bit less time to colour. And thennnnn today I am thinking I could run a Short Shift volume before deciding to give me time to build a buffer for the new comic, because having a buffer for Darkness Falls is the only reason I've been able to manage regular updates for this long haha. WELL. I'll see what I think next week and the week afterrrr

Monday 6 June

Yeah still super sick... Random Encounter is partway inked, but I definitely can't finish it right now. But that's ok, because here's the next batch of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 4! A fantastic batch of 9 new pages from Kit, starting from there!

Sunday 5 June

Comic is sketched but I'm wildly unwell tonight, so it's going to be a lil late. IT WILL UPDATE... just like 12 hours late. Or so.

Late update: Sorry for the delay!! Still super sick but doing my best. Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 4 June

Welcome to the weekend. If you're in the right timezone. Here's today's Fall update!

Friday 3 June

Here's today's Random Encounter update! This did get mentioned a few times in volume 39 but nobody did ever do a proper job of explaining it to Claw. Or if they did she's forgotten and so did I

Jezel is probably as surprised as everyone that he was able to survive the trek to Rei.

Thursday 2 June

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Ah. Well. That can sometimes happen.

Wednesday 1 June

Welcome to the new month! It's winter here and I'm so cold aaaa. Here's this week's Darkness Falls update!

Now I go back to my comics cave. Spend all day working, spend all night drawing comics, spend all the time feelin sleepy.