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Today's comic, Darkness Falls, for Wednesday 23rd of June 2021

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Wednesday 23 June

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! I'm mildly optimistic that this week's attempt to update all the pages will go better than last week, but so far mainly it involves staying up past midnight because I take too long to get started on stuff. Harrumph. Well! I'll keep trying. Gotta update I'm Not a Trickster! this week, sheesh at this rate I'll never get through volume one :v

Anyway!! There's also a new pride zine page!

Tuesday 22 June

OK!!! I suddenly realised in the morning that uh, oh yeah I was meant to decide what to do with Tuesday's update slot, hrmmm! Well! With that issue of Mysteries of the Obscured finished, I decided to put it on hiatus for nowwww because I haven't really solidified the next few story ideas for it, so nice to have a break and work on something else. Then I had to think, hey, new comic slot?? Maybe I will finally start updating Merc for a bit?? Haha not right now. Because I decided that today I really want to start a new comic, and that comic is The Rose of Gaea! It's written by Tapewolf who I have of course been working with on drawing comics for ages over at Project Future, and I'm super stoked we're working together on a new DHSComix-related comic!! So yeah!!

This is also good because it's a reasonably short comic, and should take just a lil over a year to do, and then... back to other shenanigans.

...yeah I have a lot of comics that I want to work on. Oh why are there only 7 days in a week... next time I gotta get Merc on a regularly scheduled update... schedule. And then there's the next volume of Death's Door to do. And then there's the next volume of Key. And more Mysteries of the Obscured. Plus today I was thinking what if I drew a comic that's just about lil Jinx? And then there's still the comic that I wanted to start that takes place directly after The Breaking (....kiiiind of). And the one with the guy with the face?? Plus those other two comics??

Ah. Comics.

Anyway, um... yeah! New comic. And also there's a new pride zine page!

Monday 21 June

New computer is FINALLY set up, and I'm not too sore and not too sick, so finally it is time for a comic, here's today's Random Encounter page! Getting closer and closer to the end of this volume and then the start of a new volume, yaaay.

There's also a new pride zine page! I haven't decided what I'm going to do with this at the end of the month. Start updating two pages a day soon?? Dump all the pages on the 30th?? Or just close for new submissions and slowly post the remainder of the pages daily in the new month too?? Oh no that's too many options

Sunday 20 June

This week is very much not a week for getting comics done, sheesh... my computer's been slowly dying so I got a new one. And it has been a pain to try to set up all afternoon so I haven't had the chance to sit and draw a comic. Ugh. Hopefully tomorrow it's all working and we're good to go.

There is a pride zine page though!

Saturday 19 June

The good news: the left side of my neck no longer is sore! The bad news: I overcompensated and now the right side of my neck is killing me nyehehehhhhhhhhhh. So I decided to take tonight off and just take it easy and try to heal. I'll try to have A COMIC up tomorrow but not sure what comic it will be. A COMIC... For now I rest.

There is a new pride zine page!

Friday 18 June

Here's today's Random Encounter page! Slowly shuffling along with my sore neck, nyehhh. I also decided finally to rename New Game+, cuz we all known all along that name was terrible haha. You might need to refresh to see the new name in the navigation bar and stuff.

There's also a new pride zine page!

Thursday 17 June

Oof... bit busy today... and sick... and then I managed to pull a muscle in my neck. So no comic right now! But I will endeavour to get I'm Not a Trickster! updated SOMETIME this week.. been too long since the last update imo...

There is a new pride zine page though!

Wednesday 16 June

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Not missing it this week, haha.

Also I'd like to revise my message from a few days back. There's a new pride zine page from Puyon! And we'll definitely have more than enough to run a piece of art for it every day of the rest of the month, yesss

Tuesday 15 June

Right!!! I decided what I want to do today, is to finish up the latest issue of Mysteries of the Obscured. So I did!! With three pages, starting from here. And, since this issue is finally done, I can finally pop the holiday issues back in to the normal archive. So yeah! That.

Nowwww like I mentioned last week, I'm not sure what I will update next week in Tuesday's slot. I do have more Mysteries of the Obscured pages, but... I'm also thinking about starting another new comic. Well! I'm sure whatever I do I'll decide it at the last possible moment, so we'll see what happens.

There's also a new pride zine page! Shapeshifters are fun because... they're shapeshifters. They choose to be whatever they want at any given time.

Monday 14 June

Slowly working on Random Encounter, but uh, too slowly to have it ready today. So! Here's the next batch of pages of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 3! It's four pages today, starting from there!

And thanks again to Kit because there's also a new pride zine page!

Sunday 13 June

Time for this week's The Breaking page! I'm still very sick so I went with a very simple page for todaaaay.

There's also a new pride zine page! Starting to run low on those so it might not be daily for the rest of the month, haha. I'll post what I got when I got it.

Saturday 12 June

Here's this week's Fall page!

And a new pride zine page!

I kiiinda wanna catch up on the comics I missed this week? But I do not like my odds because that's a lot of comic and I'm still struggling healthwise, hrmm. Well! I'll see if I can at least not miss any more updates this week. That's what I'll do first.

Friday 11 June

I did itttt I updated a comiiiic and it's a Random Encounter page!

There's also a new pride zine page!

Thursday 10 June

Slowwwly working on things, but alas no comic tonight. Still feelin' real sick.

There is a new pride zine page!

Wednesday 9 June

I decided to catch up on yesterday's missed Mysteries of the Obscured update! Because I'm within like, four pages of the end of this issue. Then I gotta decide what to work on after it... because I can start the next set of issues, or... I could put it on a lil hiatus and start another new short comic??? Hrmmm.

Anyway, there's also a new pride zine page!

Tuesday 8 June

Iiiii thought today would be a good day for drawing comics. My stomach thought otherwise. So uhhhh no comic right now. I'm hoping I can get something drawn tomorrow though...

There is a new pride zine page though! By Kit!