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Comic for Saturday 31st of October 2020

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Saturday 31 October

THANK YOU PAST MERLIN FOR PREPARING SOMETHING IN ADVANCE FOR ONCE. It's Halloween!!! And that means it's time for a Halloween comic!!!

Here's the title page of this year's Mysteries of the Obscured Halloween issue! I've put the whole thing up at once because that is how I roll. It's in its own lil part of the archives since I haven't finished the prior issue yet, of course.

If you'd rather read the whole thing in one go, here's the full issue in one go! I... realised I updated the Mysteries archives for full-issue-at-once viewing but then didn't upload the links. So uh, I've fixed that now too!

Happy Halloween!! I'm working all weekend so uhhh tomorrow's update... may be a little late. I WILL have a comic ready though, I prepared a Merc page to run because I knew I'd be short on time! But I'm working overnight, so it'll be uploaded when I get to a computer.

Friday 30 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Hi, Chip. Bye, Chip.

Tomorrow I'll be posting this year's Halloween volume!! ...that means I gotta like. Do some coding. Maaaaaaan

Thursday 29 October

Still very under the weather, but I did get this week's I'm Not a Trickster! updated! I'm sure he's fine.

Wednesday 28 October

I wasn't actually too busy today, but I was incredibly unwell, so... no comic right now. Comic tomorrow?? I hope?? I don't wanna miss any more Death's Door or I'm Not a Trickster! since I missed those both last week, hrmm...

Tuesday 27 October

Right, well, I didn't get Mysteries of the Obscured updated because I decided to catch up on yesterday's Random Encounter update instead!

That said, we won't be "missing out" on MotO this week as the Halloween update is Mysteries-flavoured... Though if I could catch up on today's update as well that would be nice. I'm extreeeemely busy this week with work though so I really can't promise anything.

Monday 26 October

Working hard, but not on comics, sorry!! I'll have something up tomorrow, but for today I instead flail

Sunday 25 October

Sorry for the delay again, here's that two comics!!!

I've got a Fall update! Making plans is... hard

And here's this week's The Breaking update! Well we did kinda leave Dyaris in the middle of a scene that was a day ago, whoops

Saturday 24 October

Recovering a bit from an appointment earlier in the day (pro tip: don't get braces they are super painful) so tonight's comic will be late but I will do my best to update Fall this week!! And The Breaking!! ...neither are terribly complex pages, so hopefully I'll have them both up tomorrow...

Friday 23 October

OK! I might've missed a few pages this week but at least today I have a Random Encounter update!! Not recommended: staying up all night stewing on the past.

Thursday 22 October

I'm sick again, but! Hear me out. Different type of sick from my usual chronic illness flare ups. Ha ha. My ear's been all messed up so I couldn't sit up straight long enough to draw anything. But I think tomorrow will be a better day for getting comics done. Or... I hope so, anyway :V

That's... three pages of comics missed this month? Bweh... I'll make it up with a bunch of comics on Halloween, but I'd rather have like, all updates all the time. Dang sick body.

Wednesday 21 October

Alright! Well, I'm gonna skip Death's Door for now, because... got a million things to do, as usual. But here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Col is too busy being a bird, so here's a page without Col

Tuesday 20 October

Comic's gonna be a day late! I got it sketched, but I'm once again too sick to move so it's not done just yet. Hopefully I'll be back in action tomorrowwww

Monday 19 October

Well! It's the end of this scene so it feels like a nice time to take a short breather, so here's a lil filler page of Random Encounter! "Don't think about the shadow slayer" is one of the phrases by which Dharfi lives her long life. I'm sure they'll have fun together in future.

Sunday 18 October

Here's this week's The Breaking update! I also managed to get I'm Not a Trickster coloured, so yay successful week! Hopefully I can start next week properly with lots of Random Encounter, haha.

Saturday 17 October

Fall will be slightly late! It's halfway inked I'm just falling asleep on my computer atm so I will sleep and post in the morning

Late update: Here's this week's Fall update!!! I finally managed a full week of comic updates... just a little delayed and uhh also I gotta go colour Thursday's update now ok!!

Friday 16 October

Here's today's Random Encounter update. You ever get the feeling like "I want to go home" when actually you are at home? And that's what this comic is about. That, and laughing at Loki.

Thursday 15 October

Sorry! Running a bit late on a lot things again today, so there's an update of I'm Not a Trickster!, but... just lines for now! I'll try to have it coloured by the end of the week.

Wednesday 14 October

Time for this week's Death's Door update! And also I did get yesterday's Mysteries page cololured yayyyy. Time to go back to sleep

Tuesday 13 October

I'm extremely sleepy so this comic isn't fully coloured yet but still here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! I'll try to have it properly coloured tomorrow

Monday 12 October

Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch up Friday's update... yet. But I did get today's Random Encounter update!

Sunday 11 October

Sorry!! Didn't get Random Encounter done today. Maybe tomorrow?? I did get the other comics done though!!

Here's yesterday's delayed Fall update!

And here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 10 October

Merlin has entered: lazy mode. Periodically I remember that I could just sit around and do nothing instead of doing things. Anyway, so tonight's comic will be late but I'm uninstalling steam now so I'll try to not get distracted in the morning and post some comic instead of not posting some comic

Friday 9 October

Random Encounter will be a day late because tonight is apparently a bad stomach night. I suppose I was due for it since I was ok for the past few days, bweh

Thursday 8 October

Aaaaand it's time for an update of I'm Not a Trickster!! ...of course, technically anybody can slay the shadow if they've got a cool sword. It's just that nobody else actually has, so the misconception remains.

Wednesday 7 October

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Hunter is way too fun to draw, this shouldn't be allowed.

Tuesday 6 October

Alright!!! Here's yesterday's Random Encounter update! And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update! And now I'm all caught up.... on this month's updates so far. I WANT TO HAVE A MONTH OF NOT TOTALLY MISSING STUFF LOL

Monday 5 October

shouldn't have stayed up half the night drawing comics yesterday now I'm too tired to be drawing comics tonight, oof. I'll try to have something up after I have a sleep

Late update: Here's yesterday's delayed The Breaking update! Random Encounter is halfway done so it'll be up tomorrow alongside Mysteries of the Obscured ok!

Sunday 4 October

Alright!! I didn't get The Breaking done, but I did get Random Encounter done! So... there's that.

Saturday 3 October

Phewwwww still got a million things to do but I got Fall inked at least. Colour in the morning hopefully. And hopefully Random Encounter tomorrow... zzzz

Friday 2 October

I got a zillion things to do and not so much time to do them in... so Random Encounter will be late!! I gotta update it with at least one page this week though SO HELP ME

Thursday 1 October

Welcome to October!!! Here's an actually on-time update of I'm Not a Trickster!! Will tomorrow's comic be actually on-time?? Ermm. Maybe not. We'll seeeee

Wednesday 30 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Hunter is so thoughtful.

Tuesday 29 September

Did my best, but today there's just an update for Mysteries of the Obscured! Everything is so busy and my stomach continues to be terrible aaaa

Monday 28 September

Ended up working too hard to get much comics done this weekend, sorry! Random Encounter will be late and/or not updating for Monday. Hopefully, comics tomorrow!!!

Sunday 27 September

Comic will be late because I'm working late!! Sorry :v

Late update: here's this week's The Breaking!

Saturday 26 September

Alright!! Sorry for the delay on this one (and also that I'm now skipping tonight's Fall update, oops)!! Here's that I'm Not a Trickster! update! ...It's going to take me a little while to get used to drawing like this again, bear with me!

Friday 25 September

Here's a Random Encounter update! Oh Loki, thought you weren't interested in history class

Thursday 24 September

Pfffft I was all excited to actually start this new comic!!! But then I have been suuuuper busy with work this week and also, my stomach is in one of its more painful phases which combined means... haven't been able to get it done on time, sorry!!

I AM going to update it sometime this week though. New comic!!! Even though I'm working .. a lot.. every day this week. I may need to bump Fall or The Breaking for it, in which case so be it, but hmm. I won't bump Random Encounter though if I can help it because that hasn't updated yet this week. Curse you, work and also chronic illness. I don't want those things, I just want comicsssss

Wednesday 23 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Well I can't exactly end the story with "and then they went home and had ice cream" I suppose.

Tuesday 22 September

Sorry! I did end up having to skip yesterday's Random Encounter update. I'm starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully that continues for a bit. For now, here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Sunday 20 September

Still a bit unwell so The Breaking will also be a little late, sorry!

EXTREMELY LATE UPDATE: A COMIC. Here's The Breaking! I'm so behind on everyyyyythingggg idk if Random Encounter will update tomorrow

Saturday 19 September

Fall will be a little late, but it'll be up! I'm a bit sick today, so I'm taking it slow.

Late update: Here's this week's Fall update!! Sorry for the delay!!

Friday 18 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! The greatest hero of all time, full of great advice.

Thursday 17 September

I was originally thinking of filling today's update slot with an extra update of The Breaking, and then I was thinking maybe I should put Merc on a standard update schedule. But then I thought "why don't I do something extra stupid" and went to twitter with a poll to see what option I should go with and the option was "the dumbest one". AND SO today I will start that new comic, I'm Not a Trickster! ...of course, I already showed off this title page earlier, so there's nothing "new" today haha. Except for me puttering about and updating the site.

So! There you go. I'll have the actual first page of this next week (hopefully). Randomly starting a new comic that I wasn't orginally intending to is how Key started so I think that makes I'm Not a Tricktser! a worthy successor to the slot.

Wednesday 16 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update!

Tuesday 15 September

I diid manage to catch up, so go team meeeeeeee. Here's that Random Encounter update!

And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!