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Today's comic, Fall, for Saturday 3rd of June 2023

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Saturday 3 June

Here's this week's Fall updated! Bit of a simple page this week since I'm once again incredibly busy and a bit unwell. But hey! Surprise. This might be contemporaneous with a certain other comic that updates on weekends...

Friday 2 June

Taking it super slowww today. Here's a Random Encounter update! Just a lil filler page today cuz I got a zillion things to do this week... but hey! It's an excuse to draw Ket'c and some of the crew again! I always think about drawing them but can't find the time and well they'll get to be included more SOON!

Thursday 1 June

Welcome to Juuuuune. Gonna be a hella busy month here between the house renovation and some health stuff I gotta take care of annnnnd going to anthrocon at the end of the month! Gotta get off my butt and try my hardest to make sure I have comics to run during that, hrmmm...

Anyway! Today here's a Heretic update! Well it's been a while since I referenced that old game...

Wednesday 31 May

Tiiime for this week's Darkness Falls update! Everything always works out for Mort. He might be the most blessed person in all of LaRaGa.

Tuesday 30 May

Here's this week's Merc update! And Random Encounter updated late yesterday if you missed it ;p

Monday 29 May

Comic will be slightly late again. It's mostly inked so hopefully I'll have it back before lunchtime!

Late update: here's that Random Encounter update!

Sunday 28 May

Sorry aggain about the delays this week!! Things continue to be wild. Plus I don't get to work on comics at home on the weekend at the moment cuz I don't have a laundry and there's work being done all day so things is going slow. So I'm doing my best!

Here's that delayed Fall updated!

And here's a The Breaking update!

Saturday 27 May

Sorry about missing yesterdayyyyy. Been a very stressful week. But here I am now with a Random Encounter update!

I'll try to have a Fall update for tomorrow and maybe also a The Breaking update to catch everything up but we'll see how the day goes...

Friday 26 May

Comic will be slightly late!

Thursday 25 May

Time for a Heretic update! Cece had it covered it's fine.

Wednesday 24 May

Here's this week's Merc update! Merc seems, as usual, probably not as worried as she should be.

Tuesday 23 May

Here's today's delayed Random Encounter update! Sometimes you just wanna draw bats and this volume is a good excuse for it.

Monday 22 May

Stiiiiill running a lil late on things. So today I've got a Darkness Falls update! With Mort being extra Mort. Tomorrowwwww I'll try to update Random Encounter then Wednesday I'll try to update Merc. Yes. That's the plaaaaaan

Sunday 21 May

Wellllll I did manage to get Fall updated! Hmm things aren't quite going like people said they did...

I've gotten The Breaking sketched but not finished yet so that miiiiight go up later today. Or tomorrow. Depending on how things go. Lots to do, ugh.

Late update: Here's this week's The Breaking update!!! Hmm I guess today's a bad day for characters

Saturday 20 May

Comic gonna be late!! I'll try to have it done in the afternoon since I'm out all day.... but if I can't get it finished by Sunday then I'll post Darkness Falls instead alongside the regular Sunday update. Sorry for the delay!!

Friday 19 May

Wooo despite the greatest sabotage efforts of my cat, I managed to finish a Random Encounter update! Seriously this friggin cat is too obsessed with stopping me from drawing

Thursday 18 May

Here's today's Heretic update!

Wednesday 17 May

Phewww finally got that Random Encounter update done! I'm just moving hecka slow this week. While I'm not too sick at the moment I am dealing with having my whole laundry and bathroom just been torn out and need to be rebuilt. Hopefully that's what's throwing me off-kilter and I'll eventually get used to it and get back to speed... Anyway! For now it's apparently Mort being Mort week.

Anway, I'll get some rest and hopefully get back on the comics horse tomorrowwwww. Pfft I'm telling you it's always something around here...

Tuesday 16 May

Hmmmmm super busy this week so far unfortunately. The next Random Encounter page is actually fairly simple and is about halfway inked, buuuuuut I haven't got it done just yet. What I do have is a Darkness Falls update! With Mort spilling the secret. Well a secret. Well... not a secret. Anyway! Hopefully tomorrow for Random Encounter but for reals this time.

Monday 15 May

I sat down to draw some comics and then my elderly cat showed up and demanded to be held while he slept for three hours soooo uhhh didn't get Random Encounter finished just yet. Hopefully tomorrow. For now here's a Merc update!

Sunday 14 May

Here's this week's The Breaking update! Yeah just punch a kid to save the world, sounds legit.

Saturday 13 May

Feeling a bit better! Here's this week's Fall update! Sudden stealth dive into Saturn's actual backstory.

Friday 12 May

Alllllmost over my ear infection. Just also super busy with work and with some renovations. It's always something around here. Well, I've gotten Random Encounter sketched but not yet finished. Hopefully will have it up on Monday... but in the meantime.... ummm.... I should really work on buffer for Fall so I can switch the pages when I fail to update like I used to ha ha. WELL BUT I DID HAVE ONE EXTRA DUMB THING I COULD DO-

So! I have a comic that I've been planning on starting once I finish the current volume of Darkness Falls (in 7 pages). I've already done the title page so why not tease it now? Yes it's a long-delayed new volume for the Daisy/Peony saga, it's Heath!!

I've also gone ahead and uploaded the extra bonus epilogue pages I did years ago for the print version. That extra lil volume is right here!!

In concluuuusssiiiiion. Sorry I'm missing another Random Encounter update!! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of the new Peony story and the extra lil volume if you haven't seen it before.

Thursday 11 May

Here's today's Heretic update! Cecelia carefully considers her priorities.

Wednesday 10 May

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Will there be a dramatic reveal or will Mort screw it up?

Tuesday 9 May

Time for this week's Merc update! What's the worst that could happen?

Monday 8 May

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Ah. Well. It's just a little filler page today, instead of working on comics I am working on an ear infection. Taking it slow and hoping to be better so I can draw everything tomorrowwwww

Sunday 7 May

Time to cap off the week with a The Breaking update! Bigger god surely means bigger heresy? Ah I don't know I'm an apostate.

Saturday 6 May

Here's this week's Fall update! Ah hey it's that lady, she seems familiaaaaarrrrrrr