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Today's comic, Random Encounter, for Friday 25th of September 2020

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Friday 25 September

Here's a Random Encounter update! Oh Loki, thought you weren't interested in history class

Thursday 24 September

Pfffft I was all excited to actually start this new comic!!! But then I have been suuuuper busy with work this week and also, my stomach is in one of its more painful phases which combined means... haven't been able to get it done on time, sorry!!

I AM going to update it sometime this week though. New comic!!! Even though I'm working .. a lot.. every day this week. I may need to bump Fall or The Breaking for it, in which case so be it, but hmm. I won't bump Random Encounter though if I can help it because that hasn't updated yet this week. Curse you, work and also chronic illness. I don't want those things, I just want comicsssss

Wednesday 23 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update! Well I can't exactly end the story with "and then they went home and had ice cream" I suppose.

Tuesday 22 September

Sorry! I did end up having to skip yesterday's Random Encounter update. I'm starting to feel a bit better. Hopefully that continues for a bit. For now, here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Sunday 20 September

Still a bit unwell so The Breaking will also be a little late, sorry!

EXTREMELY LATE UPDATE: A COMIC. Here's The Breaking! I'm so behind on everyyyyythingggg idk if Random Encounter will update tomorrow

Saturday 19 September

Fall will be a little late, but it'll be up! I'm a bit sick today, so I'm taking it slow.

Late update: Here's this week's Fall update!! Sorry for the delay!!

Friday 18 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! The greatest hero of all time, full of great advice.

Thursday 17 September

I was originally thinking of filling today's update slot with an extra update of The Breaking, and then I was thinking maybe I should put Merc on a standard update schedule. But then I thought "why don't I do something extra stupid" and went to twitter with a poll to see what option I should go with and the option was "the dumbest one". AND SO today I will start that new comic, I'm Not a Trickster! ...of course, I already showed off this title page earlier, so there's nothing "new" today haha. Except for me puttering about and updating the site.

So! There you go. I'll have the actual first page of this next week (hopefully). Randomly starting a new comic that I wasn't orginally intending to is how Key started so I think that makes I'm Not a Tricktser! a worthy successor to the slot.

Wednesday 16 September

Here's this week's Death's Door update!

Tuesday 15 September

I diid manage to catch up, so go team meeeeeeee. Here's that Random Encounter update!

And here's today's Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 14 September

I decided to be a slacker and take the day off from drawing anything. I'll see if I can catch up tomorrow, sorry!

Sunday 13 September

Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 12 September

Sorry for the delay!!! Here's that Random Encounter update!

And also here's today's Fall update!

And now, I sleep

Friday 11 September

Today's comic is going to be a day late, but dangit I will update a Random Encounter page this week!!!!

Thursday 10 September

Alright!! Here's this week's Key update, and the final page of this story! There will in future be another Key comic, but this is all for right now! Next week I will be updating someting else on Thursdays :P

Wednesday 9 September

I diiiid get yesterday's MotO page coloured, but now I am having some great technical problems. Internet and laptop, why would both work at the same time. Anyway, been a looooong day so I think, I will call tonight a wash and do my best to regroup and get a comic done tomorrowwww

Tuesday 8 September

Trying to catch up on sleep so I'm running a little behind! Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! But uh, just lines for now! It'll be coloured tomorrow!!

Monday 7 September

Jinxed myself again, haha. I ended up having to work most of the weekend, including most of the night, so now I'm too tired to draw a Random Encounter page.

But!! Semi prepared this month, I have a Snorse update instead!

Sunday 6 September

Time for an update of The Breaking! Finally, cuz I been a bit slow on Breaking updates. Trying to make September a better month for comic updates, but I'm relying on life to keep out of my way for that :P

Saturday 5 September

Here's this week's Fall update! Or, Jake visits a Phoenix temple and makes everyone uncomfortable.

Friday 4 September

Here's today's Random Encounter update! Finally the real star of this volume has arrived.

Thursday 3 September

Here's this week's Key update! There's only one page left in this volume, then Key'll go on hiatus while I work on another comic. I thought about getting that page finished tonight, but then I thought about being lazy, and being lazy won in the end. Oh well, gives me another week to think about which comic exactly I'll run in this slot, hrmmm

Wednesday 2 September

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Last week's page is also coloured, whoops that took a while.

Tuesday 1 September

Alright!! Let's start the month right! I've got yesterday's late Random Encounter update!

And today's scheduled Mysteries of the Obscured update!

Monday 31 August

Definitely on the mend and feeling better than I was again, but I'm still moving slowly. So ummm. comic will be late! There should be something up tomorrow though, new month and I want to try to turn a new update leaf...

Sunday 30 August

Feeling a little better today, and things are slowly less stressful, so I'm going to have a comic up today but it's going to be a little late!! It's going to be Fall, it's nearly done

Sorry for the delay!! Here's a Fall update! Things are a bit quieter so here's to next week being peaceful and non-stressful and super productive, idk

Saturday 29 August

Very, very sick today. Hopefully comic tomorrow??

Friday 28 August

Today issss a Random Encounter update! But just a little one. Slowly trying to get back on things.

Thursday 27 August

no comic today but maybe tomorrow! whether it will be Key or Random Encounter or something else, not sure!

Wednesday 26 August

Today I could draw the inks for this week's Death's Door update, so that's what I have!

i have my fingers crossed for peace and quiet and then key updates, that comic is so close to the enddddd

Tuesday 25 August

Probably going to miss a lot of comics this week but for today at least here is a Mysteries of the Obscured update!

real life and stress, why

Monday 24 August

Stress stuff going on this weekend so I ended up not being able to get anything drawn. Might be slow on comics for a little bit until I see how things pan out. I'll do my best.

Sunday 23 August

Merlin sleepy comic late -Merlin

Saturday 22 August

Here's that delayed Random Encounter update! And as for Fall, uhhhh.... it'll either be up tomorrow or it'll be skipped this week, sorry!

Friday 21 August

Random Encounter's going to be a day late!!! I've gotten it partially inked so it shoouuuuullllld be done tomorrow. Just a lil bit too sick to focus again today unfortunately!

Thursday 20 August

Thursday means it's time for a Key update! I made it a double-update because, I felt like it!

We're getting verrrrrrry close to the end of this Key story! After which I'll take a break from Key because even though I have more Key tales to tell, I need to have a big think about what ones and how to structure 'em, hmmm. I'll update another comic Thursdays instead, but I won't make any promises about what comic it is until I get to that point because I change my mind like ten times a day.

Wednesday 19 August

Time for this week's Death's Door update! Hanging out in a crypt with a bunch of vampires: somehow a thing that became part of Tish's life.

Tuesday 18 August

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! Rare appearance of actually a map. I try not to show those secrets often, ssh

Random Encounter is also coloured now too!

Monday 17 August

Movin very slowly so no colour just yet, but here's a Random Encounter update! Colour will be up uhh... sometime before Friday. Hopefully!

Sunday 16 August

Comic's gonna be a little late!!! I do need to update The Breaking this week tho since I missed last week... but here's a Merc update to tide you over until I get some rest and finish up said The Breaking update :V

Late edit: Here's this week's The Breaking update!