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Mysteries of the Obscured

TANTALISING TRUE TALES bought to you by REPUTABLE REPORTERS and TOTALLY NOT MADE UP wait that last one didn't alliterate

Volume 1

Volume 1: Issue 1

Deciduous Dryads, Multitudinous Myria, Ghastly Griffs

Volume 2

Volume 1: Issue 2

Werewolves, Werewolves?? Werewolves????

Volume 3

Volume 1: Issue 3

Informative Interviews, Shape Shifters, Our Angriest Letters

Volume 4

Volume 2: Issue 1

Intense Investigators, Overbearing Officials, Creepy Cave Spiders

Volume 5

Volume 2: Issue 2

Terrific Taurs, Tremendous Taurs, Terrible Taurs

Volume 6

Volume 2: Issue 3

Ludicrous Lamias, Dubious Doppelgangers, Strange Sirens

Volume 7

Volume 3: Issue 1

Amazing Artists, Marvellous Mimics, Excellent Enchanters

Volume 8

Volume 3: Issue 2

Brilliant Bakers, Competent Couriers, Terrific Typesetters

Volume 9

Volume 3: Issue 3

Acceptable Artists, Scared Shapeshifters, Stunning Strangers

Volume 10

Volume 4: Issue 1

Rare Reinmara, Rival Reporters, Difficult Decisions