Fluffy Tales

Various stories by Keej about various characters in LaRaGa!

Fluffy Tales volume 1

A Good Dog

A new arrival at the orphanage in Grey isn't adjusting well. Luckily the caretaker, Juno, is full of stories to distract her.

Fluffy Tales volume 2

Some Trick Part 1

Set 20 or so years in the past, Jake introduces Jude to someone who'll become very special to him. Because he was bored and wanted snacks.

Fluffy Tales volume 3

Some Trick Part 2

Jude's not in love, don't be silly.

Fluffy Tales volume 4

Feeling Blue

A little demigod is feeling a little blue. Amazingly, Jake is actually... a good uncle???

Fluffy Tales volume 5


A story about depression and poor decisions

Fluffy Tales volume 6

Something Silly

Exactly what it says

Fluffy Tales volume 7

At Journey's End part 0

Jax is a trickster. Jax is an idiot. Somehow, it works out.

Fluffy Tales volume 8

A Past Melody

The orphanage kids trick their caretakers out of taking a nap, but it's fine, Juno loves to tell stories. This one is about Komali, and the music gods.

Fluffy Tales volume 9

Some Trick Part 3

Things get worse and Jude has to decide what he wants

Fluffy Tales volume 10

Some Trick Part 4

Everything grows and changes. Everything... Including relationships.

Fluffy Tales volume 11

At Journey's End part 1