First up! In my completely unbiased way, I must recommend this comic that I also draw:

Project Future. I draw both the main comic and a bunch of side comics over there, and they're naturally awesome. Tapewolf the writer may have a lot to do with that!

And! Here's a bunch of other links to nice comics:

The Dragon Doctors, is also hosted by me, it's a comic by my good friend Speedball and it is fantastic but also sometimes NSFW due to nudity.

Anaria. A selection of beautiful furry fantasy comics!

DMFA. A furry comic about... well... lots of things!

Trixie Slaughteraxe for President. All of Thorsby's comics are just incredible, and this one is no different! Absolute top-notch worldbuilding.

Stupid Fortune Cookie, a delightful slice-of-life furry comic

Code Name: Hunter, an extremely beautifully-drawn and intriguing comic. "Sixty years ago magic and myth began leaking back into London after the Seal which kept it locked away was destroyed in the Blitz."

Realm of Monsters, by Shauni! It doesn't update anymore, but Shauni is so great