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Today's comic, I'm Not a Trickster!, for Thursday 25th of February 2021

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Saturday 27 February

Still sick aa... this is my own fault for never taking it easy. BUT I'm planning on updating Fall tomorrow OK! COMIC. TOMORROW. SOMEHOWWWW

Friday 26 February

Welllllll it's a partially successful week. I got some comics drawn. But tonight... I am too sick to move so there is no comic. There was instead a grand sitting still on the couch and watching tv. Now that my stomach is starting to feel better it's time for bed ha ha.... but hopefully tomorrow will be more less sick!!!!

Thursday 25 February

I DID IT IT'S A I'm Not a Trickster! update!!!! Finally. SHEESH. No reason for it be so late apart from... illness and real life shenanigans. Which I guess get in the way of lots of my fun. Harrumph. ANYWAY. I can't guarantee that Random Encounter will update tomorrow cuz now I'm heaps sleepy haha... we'll see! If not that then I'll try for like. that missed Mysteries update. WHO KNOWS WE'LL SEE

Wednesday 24 February

FINALLLLLLLY here is a Darkness Falls update!!! Now I rest so that hopefully I can update tomorrow too haha

Tuesday 23 February

Nerts. NERTS I SAY. Too exhausted to draw tonight sorry!! I'm gonna try to get an early rest so that I can hopefully be less exhausted tomorrow, and then... FINALLY UPDATE DARKNESS FALLS (and I'm Not a Trickster! after that :x fingers crossed)

Monday 22 February

New week new Random Encounter update! Fingers crossed this week is extremely chill and relaxed and there will be many more comics this week...

Sunday 21 February

Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 20 February

It's time for a comiccccccccc. Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 19 February

I did get... a bit... of the next actual Random Encounter page inked. But thennnn I had a nap and when I woke up I realised I wasn't going to get it done tonight so WHAT COULD I GET DONE... and the answer is this comic! Yeah sorry, I'm still moving super slowly. It's been an exhausting week to say the least. I am ready for a bunch of sleep -_- hopefully the weekend is very quiet and I can do comics and relax.

Thursday 18 February

Sorry! It's been kind of... a crazy few days. I'm really exhausted but I'm hoping I'll have time to draw something more than this tomorrow... slowly getting there, step by step.

Wednesday 17 February

Comic gonna be again late. Gonna try to get a Darkness Falls page updated at some point though...

Tuesday 16 February

Here's a Mysteries of the Obscured update! Phewwww going to be a busy week this one, sorry!

Monday 15 February

No Random Encounter today, because I uh, carefully spent all day doing... nothing.. UM. I need to get a whole heap better at managing my time, sorry!!

Sunday 14 February

Comic's gonna be late but I think I'll be able to update it by lunchtime... It's sketched, I just started it way too late in the day and need sleep haha...

Late edit: Sorry for the delay! Here's that The Breaking update!

Saturday 13 February

Wooo I got a comic done. Here's this week's Fall update!!! Aaaand hopefully I'll have Random Encounter coloured tomorrow and update the thumbnail link and stuff then haha..

Friday 12 February

Right!! Slowly starting to feel better so here's Random Encounter update!! Uh, since I'm still sick, it's not quite coloured yet! Hope to colour it soon, so YEAH.

Thursday 11 February

Ah... nope still super sick lol. BUT TOMORROW.... i really hope i can get a comic drawn tomorrow :V

Wednesday 10 February

Me Monday: maybe I can draw all the comics??

Me today: oh yeah chronic illness

YEAH SO I'm too sick to update tonight. But I'm hoping to update tomorrow! Darkness Falls or I'm Not A Trickster.... not sure which yet :V

Tuesday 9 February

Here's this week's Mysteries of the Obscured update! It's true. A guy can turn into a bird if he wants to.

Monday 8 February

Here's today's actually-on-time Random Encounter update!! Let's see if I can get a whole week of updates up this week, that would be pretty great ha ha...

Sunday 7 February

Comic'll be like 12 hours late but it'll be up, gonna try not to stall on a title page haha...

Alright sorry for the delay!! Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 6 February

I did itttttttt I got the new Random Encounter update er, updated!!

now for a triumphant nap

Friday 5 February

Still moving very slowly! Only mangaging every-other-day updates at the moment again huh. WELL UH. Did I mention I quit my new job from the end of last year and then started another new job this week? Haha. It's been a crazy few months. So I'm doing my best but got a lots of adjustments and work to do. Random Encounter WILL BE UPDATED THIS WEEK.... it's actually a reasonably simple page and I'm partway through inking so it shouldn't take too much longer!! I'm hoping once things settle down (hopefully next week?? I can be ever hopeful) I can achieve the mythical achievement: actually updating an entire week of comics.

I've been doing lots of writing though so I haven't been a complete snooze on the comic front. Got lots of stuff to prepare for later this year and STUFF. Thinking about comics is the first step to finishing comic pages.