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Today's comic, Short Shift, for Sunday 25th of July 2021

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Sunday 25 June

Iiiiii'm feeling quite under the weather lately. Instead of trying to work through it, I'm gonna take a little break! While I'm taking a break I'm gonna post this comic I prepared earlier! It's a new Short Shift volume! It's just a short one, so it won't take too many days to post.

Saturday 24 June

Here's this week's Fall update!

Friday 23 June

Sometimes I think it is funny to make a scene just straight up continue into the next volume. And one of those sometimes is today, with the latest Random Encounter page! That's the last we'll see of Chip, though. Bye, Chip. Chip has to go tell the guild that the slayer thinks she is very funny.

Thursday 22 June

Here's that belated Darkness Falls update! I'm still feeling horribly sick so idk if I'll be able to update tomorrow but I'll tryyyy

Wednesday 21 June

I am... vverrrrry sick today. So there's no Darkness Falls. I'll try to update it tomorrow instead of I'm Not a Trickster, cuz it didn't update last week either hey.

Thanks to Kit though there is a new batch of pages of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 3! Seven pages, starting from there! Enjoy!

Tuesday 20 June

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! Only certain kinds of murder are OK.

Monday 19 June

Nice to have a lazy comic day when I can just take it easy and draw a lil title page! Here's the new page of Random Encounter! Time for Loki to go home. And deal with... all that.

Sunday 18 July

Woo I managed to do it this week, I managed to do an update of The Breaking! And nowwww I hope that tomorrow is chill as hell so I can finish getting caught up on comics. So much to draw, only so many hours in a day...

Saturday 17 July

Here's this week's Fall page! I'm super sick but I got it done anyway, yaaay. Also most of the gods in this page were designed by Kit and Puyon, which is good because I am lazy about creating new gods lately.

Friday 16 July

Here's today's Random Encounter page! Aaaaand that'll do for this volume. Monday, I will start the new one!

Also! Here's the newest batch of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 3! Four pages starting from that page!! There will be another nice big batch of pages of it by Kit next week tooooo

Thursday 15 July

Here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Always be tricking.

Wednesday 14 July

Yyyeah, feels like I will take today off. I will have a rest and regroup and see if I will draw a comic... tomorrowwwww

Tuesday 13 July

Hell of a day. Had to put down my poor pet guinea pig. So I'm going to keep moving very slowly and probably miss a few updates this week, cuz, sad.

But I managed to get this week's The Rose of Gaea update done. So there's that

Monday 12 July

Slowwwwly noodling along. Here's today's Random Encounter page! I said last time there was only one page left but I miscounted and there's one more left. Because I forgot I added an extra page har har. Hopefully I'll get it done this week!!

Saturday 10 July

Pfwahh.... having a rough one this weekend. I managed to get a new Fall page done! I think I'll prolly have some trouble updating for the next few days but I'll do what I can.

Friday 9 July

Feeling really horribly sick today, but... hey! I really wanted to get this page done, and it is done! Today's Random Encounter page!

Yeah, mainly I wanted to draw Click. There's just one more page left in this volume!! But it's got a lot of people so uhhh... hopefully I'm feeling better soon and can get it done for Monday. No promises :V

Thursday 8 July

I did actually briefly post a newspost saying I'm too sick and cold to draw, then immediately after I was able to draw so I've removed it and lol here's this week's I'm Not a Trickster! update! Time to start the second volume, and introduce another new character yessss.

Wenesday 7 July

Wednesday againnnnn. Tuesday and Wednesday are fun because I get to draw comics what are written by talented people (Tapewolf and Puyon respectively, of course). ANYWAY SPEAKING OF WHICH, here's this week's Darkness Falls update!

Tuesday 6 July

Here's this week's The Rose of Gaea update! There we are, Heather and George, our two protagonists! And the opposite of many of my protagonists, since normally we go gung-ho pro-trickster. Nice to have a different story start!

Monday 5 July

Random Encounter's slowly coming along. I'm just feeling lazy tonight so it's not finished on time. Should be done for Friday though, gettin so close to the end of the volume lol.

Anyway! In lieu of that here's a new batch of pages of Fluffy Tales, Some Trick part 3! Please enjoy the new pages!

Sunday 4 July

Nyaha I just realised I'd been writing "June" for the newsposts this month still... whoops it is July. Here's this week's The Breaking update!

Saturday 3 July

Here's this week's Fall update! Thanks Marie that's very helpful.

Friday 2 July

Sorry for all the delays, here's the newest Random Encounter page!

Thursday 1 July

New month, new I'm Not a Trickster! update! I'm sure she'll work this out. Maybe?? Idk, I generally only write the story for a comic halfway through the second volume.

If nothing goes completely haywire tomorrow then it'll finally be a Random Encounter update tooooooo. I'm getting so flipping close to the end of that volume, life's gots to stop getting in the way of me finishing it and then starting the next oneeeeee

Wednesday 30 June

Here's this week's Darkness Falls update! Back to Nova and the crew. Perhaps unlike certain other adventuring heroes, they will not get stuck in this forest.

Aaand it's the end of the month, so here's the final page of the pride zine! Thanks so much to Puyon and Verse and most especially Kit for all contributing such amazing art to it, we managed to get a page for each day of the month which is perfect! Like I said yesterday that's that for now. Eventually there will be more lil zines on there, once we figure out like. When and what. Haha.

Tuesday 29 June

Right! Time to start the new comic properly, so here's the first real page of The Rose of Gaea! ....barely got it done on time, 12am is a fine upload time

There's also a new pride zine page! Just one page lefttttt then it's a new month and uhhhh. Then we need to think about what and when to do for the next zine yes.

Monday 28 June

Getting close to the end of the month and I... uhhhh Random Encounter is slowly getting there. Started inking it but I'm super busy and I got a million things to do so it's not quite finished yet, sorry!

I did manage to update Dhark's Hero School this week though, and there's a new pride zine page! I will get Random Encounter done SOMETIME this week...

Sunday 27 June

Here's finally this week's The Breaking update! March decided to deal with his bad history with shapeshifters by extending it into a bad current time with shapeshifters.

And there's a new pride zine page!

Saturday 26 June

Cat is fine, he's just a butt. LIKE ALL CATS. Here's this week's Fall update! You can't just come out and say the title, Marie. Sheesh.

We also got a new pride zine page!