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Sorry guys! New Game is over!

Or, over in the sense that I am not updating it anymore. It never did finish, but it never was very good anyway... Well! I learned a lot a lot from drawing it and writing it, and am slowly obsoleting it through the newer comic New Game Plus.

New Game volume 1

New Game Volume 1


In which two magi conspire to attend Dhark's Hero School, a monster-girl emos it up a notch and a rhino-guy carrying a feathry makes a run for it (and somehow they all end up at DHS).

New Game volume 2

New Game Volume 2


You know, is over and I still have no idea what the hell so clearly it is well-planned and good or whatever

New Game volume 3

New Game Volume 3


As voted by two of you (ahaha), this comic will be about Dark Feathers and Break! Also Zack will hook up, as will DF, though not necessarilly with each other. Echo may hook up too.

New Game volume 4

New Game Volume 4


Hey look it's an itty bitty Break and an itty bitty featherhead! Get ready for some super backstory action! Guaranteed to not be entirely in sepia! Not guaranteed to be funny!

New Game volume 5

New Game Volume 5


Finally people without horns! But suddenly, Gods everywhere! And, as expected, a detention or two.

New Game volume 6

New Game Volume 6


Heyooo remember these guys. Huh. Huh. Mana is asked to provide students for a quest from one Dia Kiborn... so she sends THESE GUYS, who have to deliver a letter over the border. But it's not quite as easy as everyone makes it out to be.

New Game volume 7

New Game Volume 7


Zack does not want to teach darkfeathers how to fly. At all.

New Game volume 8

New Game Volume 8


And then I started another volume! Geez who are all these guys anyway.