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` Daryil

Daryil "Oh, him"

The God of Debauchery

"Responsibilities": "God" of Debauchery, "God" of Shiny Pants

Symbols: Daryil has a yellow "clan" mark, depicted on the left in black.

Pantheons: n/a

"Family": A bunch of clan members


Personality: Daryil is very... Daryil. For the most part he's very friendly and hospitable, but if you cross him or his clan he can turn quite vengeful. Also for the most part, he's known as a bit of a weirdo, mostly harmless.

Daryil himself is actually a triwing 'cubi, from Project Future! He's a shapeshifter, has some mindreading powers, and considerable magic of his own. But... really he's just here to have a good time, and mess up the continuity.


Cameo?: Daryil is... Daryil. He's an offworlder who kind of inserted himself in as the self-declared God of Debauchery.

He's kind of strong enough to do that, apparently. Or do the other actual Gods just not care enough to fight about it? Either works...