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The Homunculus Race

General Traits:

Very much like golems, there are several different types of Homunculus - dirt, stone and wood. They are shaped like any of the other races of people, and unlike the golems, their bodies create a reasonable facsimilie of feathers, hair or scales. The biggest physical difference between a Homunculus and a Golem is their hair, as Golems are always bald.
Unlike Golems, Honunculi are capable of using magic and communicating with the gods like most people. However, it is unknown if they have a patron god.
The average lifespan of a homunculus is unknown.


There are very few accounts of the existence of homunculi, many are unaware that such a race is even theorised to exist. Those who have heard of them are split between those who believe in them, and those who think they are little more than a myth.

Homunculi are said to be the descendents of golems, who have gained similarity to the more natural people of the world over many generations. If that is the case, then they are essentially slightly different looking golems that possess the ability to use the gods' magic..


Yeah *if* they exist... Well I am here writing about them, aren't I..? cough cough
Anyway! The entirety of writings on Homunculi come from one piece written by an admittedly crazed scholar who claimed to have met them some hundreds of years ago. He wrote that they live with actual golems, and don't really notice the differences between homunculi and golems. They call themselves golems; the name homunculus comes from his writings in classifying them as a new and different race.