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The Mimic Race

General Traits:

Mimics are a stockily-built, humanoid race with short grayish fur and black hair. Their eyes are dark, and they have some small shapeshifting ability. Unlike true Shapeshifters, they can't choose new forms, they seem to gain them randomly, and they usually only have between one and three extra forms to shift into. Their eyes are the same in any shape, and they only change into the shapes of real animals. If a mimic gains a new form when they already have three animal forms, they lose one of their existing transformations.
Mimics are completely incapable of using any of the gods' magic, and so are looked down upon by other people. The only power they have is in their small shapeshifting ability.
Because of their lack of magic and generally strong builds, along with their useful animal transformations, mimics have been used as slaves in many countries. A slave mimic will have his or her ears cropped, their tails docked, and an identifying tattoo marked on their face. These changes stay between all of their forms.
The average lifespan of a Mimic is 60 years.


Mimics are not terribly widespread. They exist only in LaRaGa, where they are native to southern Solnor. Most countries in this region allow slavery of mimics. However, most countries in the rest of the world don't explicitly allow it, and some are strongly opposed and will take mimic slaves off slaveholders if they enter their territory.

There are more enslaved mimics than there are free mimics.


Mostly they only gain forms of four-legged animals, but there have been some very few that can turn into birds.
While Shapeshifters can usually only spend a moderate amount of time out of their base form, Mimics can, and some slaves often do, spend as much time as they want shifted into animal form with no ill effect.