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The Shapeshifter Race

General Traits:

Shapeshifters can take any form, but their 'base' form is a two-legged, digitigrade, genderless figure, with uniformly coloured fur in a natural colour running from reds and browns to black, white or gray. They have matching bright red markings on their forearms that are unique to each shapeshifter, and keep with them no matter what form they take. These markings appear on their forearms or wings if the shifted form has them, or elsewhere on their body if it doesn't. It is taboo for a shapeshifter to cover their markings.
Unlike Mimics, shapeshifters don't have a limit to what they can transform into. However, it takes a shapeshifter many years of hard practise to gain the ability to shapeshift with ease, otherwise it can take a lot of concentration and some time.
Shapeshifters can only spend a moderate amount of time out of their base form, depending on how skilled they are. If they stay in a transformed state too long, they become very ill.
The patron god of the shapeshifters is Jake, the God of Tricksters - not that shapeshifters are usually tricksters, but Jake himself is a shapeshifter.
The average lifespan of a shapeshifter is unknown.


Shapeshifters are one of the older races, existing since before the world split. Since the world split though, it's been rumoured they no longer exist in LaRaGa.

Shapeshifters are more than capable of wielding the gods' magic, though many of them don't bother with it since their innate transformation powers are so versatile.

When Jake was banished, many people took umbrage with shapeshifters, figuring that since he's their patron god, they may be supporters of his and therefore at least as bad as tricksters. But most shapeshifters don't use any magic at all, let alone forbidden magic. In GaRaLa, the shapeshifter Syrras is known as the hero of the worldsplit, so since then there hasn't been much maligning of shapeshifters for their species.


Athough it's been rumoured they no longer exist, there's been the odd sighting. Mainly of a certain tabloid reporter who swears he's a mimic....
One of the founders of Dhark's Hero School was a shapeshifter named Ahm.