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Name: Kippo

Nicknames: Kip

Classification: Monster

Age: 10-ish, but most of that was as a full monster

Gender: M

Species: Half-monster (human/nez)

Roomate: nobody! Lucky Kippo, being the odd one out.

Family: Brother: Charm

Character: Kippo is, for the most part, a really friendly guy. Loves to joke around, but he's stubborn and single-minded when he gets an idea in his mind. As he was born and grew up a monster, his sense of what's important and what's not can seem rather skewed at times, as he takes the oddest things seriously and other things as though they were nothing. Really, he gets odd fixations, but he's harmless enough. He doesn't really like to fight, but as a Nez, he has some telekinetic powers aand can fight reasonably well.

History: Kippo was born a full-blooded monster, a small, rodent-like monster called a Nez. He's the son of one of Danni Marble's old monsters, and he and his brother Charm grew up equal parts hanging around with Danni and living in the woods around her home. So he's got some good survival skills, even if his street-smarts are sometimes lacking.

He met up with Lilandra Surge shortly after she was turned into a weremonster, and helped her out by taking her to Danni. He's somewhat ashamed that he freaked out when he found out she wasn't a full monster like himself, and actually had himself changed using magic to become a person so that he could follow her to Dhark's Hero School. Danni of course, gave him a hand, and he's doing quite well at Dhark's, even if he's still adjusting to being a person. With so many weirdos around DHS, he's fitting in quite well.