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Clash & Flint

Names: Clash & Flint

Nicknames: none

Classifications: non-heroes

Ages: unkown

Genders: M

Species: Rhinocerops

Job: Gardeners x Janitors x Receptionists x Canteen Staff x Nurses x Counsellors

Family: Clash and Flint are brothers, not biological, but from the same clan and were raised together. They treat Taide as close family.

Character: Clash and Flint are quite calm for Rhinocerops, and tend to follow Taide around. They can be quite fierce in defence of Taide though, as they are unquestionably loyal to him. They also love to slack off, and would probably do no work for DHS if Taide didn't ask them to. They're a fair bit stubborn, and don't tend to care when people try to browbeat or intimidate them

History: Clash and Flint have been following Taide around for most of their lives, after he saved their lives when they were quite young.