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Phoenix Claw

Name: Phoenix Claw / Prince Phoenix

Nicknames: Claw, Phoenix, Prince

Classification: Phoenix Clanner

Age: ? (immortal)

Gender: F (currently appearing male though)

Species: Human

Roomate: Delta Morningstar

Family: The "Phoenix Clan" - brothers Pinion, Talon, Spine and Wing, sister Beak. Betrothed to Princess Paige

Character: Being an immortal member of the Phoenix Clan, Claw's sworn duty is to serve Phoenix, the God of Fire. This isn't something she takes very seriously at all, to the extent that she doesn't really believe that she's immortal or anything special. She knows that in her presence, the powers of the Phoenix God's magic (people casting fire spells, or healing spells on others) are increased, but she figures that's about all there is to it. She's not particularly good at Phoenix magic herself, and is not generally very confident. Claw is prone to worrying excessively about things that aren't that important in the grand scheme of things. Though she doesn't like to, if it comes down to it, she will take charge and be a leader of sorts with some degree of confidence. Since the Phoenix Clan are a secluded bunch, Claw doesn't know that much about the world, and has some very strange perceptions about various things.

History: It's known that Claw ran off from the rest of the Phoenix clan, and while her brothers and sisters look for her, she hides at Dhark's. She says it's because she wanted to see the world, but since she isn't exactly seeing a whole lot cooped up at DHS, that explanation is a little suspect. She travelled around for some time before eventually ending up at DHS, however.

Claw also mentioned that she came to DHS for sanctuary, but from what is uncertain. She doesn't seem overly worried about it all though.

Claw somehow managed to get herself engaged to Princess Paige of Rei, and is now the crown Prince Phoenix of Rei. Claw is on one hand, very happy about this because she loves Princess Page. And on the other hand, very very worried, because in the bargain rather a lot of people became convinced that she is actually the God of Fire, Phoenix himself. That's rather a long story though.