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Princess Paige

Name: Princess Paige

Nicknames: Paige

Classification: Slight Phoenix Mage (healing), Princess

Age: 17

Gender: F

Species: Human

Family: Betrothed to Phoenix Claw

Character: Princess Paige is quiet but commanding. Though she is deeply kind, she is officious as she was raised in a castle alongside nobles (admittedly it was Gardenia, but still). She doesn't easily show fear, and always does her best to do what needs to be done.

History: Princess Paige is the last in line of the Reinan royal fmaily.Almost her entire family were killed when they were violently deposed by the tyrant Jezel. Her parents were smuggled to Gardenia, where she was born. But they were injured, and did not live long past that. Paige grew up in the capital, raised in the castle alongside royals and high-ranking nobility. She was raised towards the notion that one day Jezel would be defeated, and she would need to return to take the throne that was rightfully hers.

...And she did! Escorted back to her home of Rei by Phoenix Claw, with whom she is now betrothed.