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Dharfi Valcross

Name: Dharfi Valcross

Nicknames: None

Classification: Who knows? Probably a bit of everything.

Age: ? (was around at the breaking of the world, so at least 1500)

Gender: F

Species: Human

Job: History Teacher currently MIA

Family: None

Character: Dharfi's lived for long enough to know that she doesn't want to spend any time putting up with any crap. She's blunt and to-the-point, and pays no mind to what she perceives as insignificant. As a figurehead of LaRaGan legends, Dharfi is widely recognised and respected. She knows a lot of things about a lot of things, and when she doesn't know a particular detail she often pretends she does anyway. Her strength is legendary, as she's been building it up over centuries. Unlike most humans, she has her own innate magic, gifted to her by the Nature Powers before the breaking of the world. Incidentally, this is the same source her tail came from too.

History: As mentioned, Dharfi was one of the heroes in the breaking of the world, a significant event in LaRaGan history that pitted numerous Gods' followers against one another to try and split the old world into two liveable new worlds. In LaRaGa, she is recognised as the great hero of this event, and was granted immortality by Gaea as a reward for her services.

Nobody knows a whole lot about what Dharfi's been up to in the ~1500 years since the world split, but that she was instrumental in rebuilding cities lost in the split and fighting monsters in the dangerous age of monsters that followed.

Dharfi has extremely distant family ties to Mana Ryushin, and it's thought that this is part of the reason why she came to work at Dhark's Hero School. But it seems she has a lot of respect for Mana, far more than would be expected from just family so distant it could barely be traced. Some speculate that Dharfi has precious little to do with her immortality, and does random things with little forethought.

Dharfi's currently missing from DHS, as she managed to rile up The Guardian Lavender, an old enemy of hers and apparently Nettle's. She's probably fine, I mean, she's survived this long, and they've been at odds for a while...