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Name: Jared Stone

Nicknames: Jinx

Classification: Secretly a trickster, calls himself a Perception Mage

Age: 15

Gender: M

Species: Human, cursed to have fox ears and tail

Roomate: Bluff

Family: Numerous uncles, aunts and cousins. One primary caretaker, his uncle Leo. Peony is one of his cousins

Character: Jinx is cheerful, but often appears shy. He usually prefers to be the quiet, overlooked one in a group, or out of a group altogether. However, since his unusual curse is quite remarkable, he always ends up getting more attention than he seems to like. He's extremely good at slipping away from situations he wants to avoid, though. Though he usually doesn't talk very much and seems shy, Jinx is naturally good at making friends.

History: Jared grew up with his uncle Leo, around many different aunts, uncles and cousins, many of whom were not actually related to him. They were all laid-back and amiable folks though, and Jinx was spoiled rotten as the only child in the lot. It was his extended family who gave him the nickname 'Jinx', as he is prone to extreme clumsiness. He also hides a lot of scars under his long-sleeved and high-collared clothes.

Jinx was not born with his fox ears and tail - they are a curse given to him when he was a child. The curse is from the Trickster God, Jake, said to only be bestowed upon people he feels are his true enemies. Jinx doesn't like to talk about how he got it, but it endears him to the enemies of the Tricker God, aka most of the population of LaRaGa.

Of course, unknown to most of the population of LaRaGa, Jake's curse is actually given to those he likes a lot...

After putting up with Jinx's quiet personality for so long, Leo sent him to Dhark's Hero School in the hopes it would make him more 'deserving of his ears' - more outgoing and confident. So far, it hasn't really worked.