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Name: Peony Talisman

Nicknames: none

Classification: Trickster

Age: 24

Gender: F

Species: Half-animal (human/mouse)

Family: unknown, but tons of tricksters she calls cousin, including Jared "Jinx" Stone

Character: Peony is crazy self-important, and generally kind of just crazy. She's one of the most well-known tricksters around, and somehow always manages to evade capture, despite her predilection for always using illusory disguises with the same markings. Illusions are her speciality, and she absolutely loves throwing them around at the drop of a hat. Peony is not even slightly subtle about being a trickster. She really doesn't care who knows, since she figures she can always get out of whatever trouble she manages to get herself in.

Peony has dozens of disguises, but they all follow a basic design. Each of them is a white halfie with mostly the same brightly-coloured markings and matching hair, and notched ears. Sometimes her ears are notched at the top, sometimes at the bottom. Sometimes she's disguises as male, sometimes female, but her base form is a mouse. Which people can often tell because... like most tricksters, she can only do illusions, the largest thing she can change the physical feel of is a leaf into a coin. So despite her looks, she's still that mouse. She still leaves mouse footprints, and her tail trails behind.

History: Peony travels around a lot, and knows most of the main trickster mobs around the place. She usually mooches off local tricksters when she can, and goes wherever she thinks there'll be something interesting.

In slightly 4th-wall-breaking history, Peony also usually narrates the end-of-volume bonus comics for Random Encounter. Mainly because she's kind of fun to draw in random disguises. She's also my most cameo'd character, appearing in the following comics (other than this one): Daisy, Free Turn, DMFA, Project Future, Critical Mass, The Epsilon Project, Sierra and the Thing that Happened, The Dragon Doctors, High School Changed Me ummm I think that's it. Did I miss any?? Let me know!