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Name: Nettle

Nicknames: Nets

Classification: Nature Power ("Guardian")

Age: ? (seems young)

Gender: M

Species: Half-animal (human, cat)

Roomate: Snatch

Family: ?

Character: Nettle is a Nature Power (colloquially known as Guardians), which means he is a servant of the goddess of creation, Gaea. He was raised purely with this in mind, so he does take that rather seriously. As a Nature Power, it's his duty to serve the calm side of Gaea, which involves looking after plants and animals. But, it also includes fighting the chaotic side of Gaea, mainly monsters. As far as guardians go though, Nettle's not as gung-ho about murdering monsters as he could be. This is because his master, the previous cat guardian, was less crazy than most. So Nettle's pretty well-adjusted, considering. Most guardians wouldn't even give a person the time of day, but Nettle is quite happy to be around other people. He's not socially well-adjusted, though, and doesn't quite follow people's interactions.

History: Guardians are raised from a very young age by another guardian, so Nettle doesn't know his family, or even if they're still alive. Mostly, guardians are in charge of a forest that they protect, but Nettle's master lost his forest long ago, and never got around to rebuilding, preferring to travel. Nettle keeps the seed from a guardian tree around his neck though, so he can start a forest if he ever finds a place to settle.

Nettle only became a fully-fledged guardian fairly recently. With his full powers he became the half-cat he is now, prior to that he was a human.