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Saturn Techqui

Name: Saturn Techqui

Nicknames: None

Classification: Novice swordsman

Age: 15

Gender: F

Species: Human

Roomate: Danni Marble

Family: Mother - Nile, Father - Murray, Older sister - Gina, Younger brother - Lark.

Character: Saturn is a friendly girl, despite being nervous often around other people. She wants to try to become stronger, both physically and as a person, so that she can better stand up for herself and be more independent. She's usually quiet, but makes friends easily. Saturn has been taught a lot of elemental magic, but she isn't very good with it and doesn't tend to use it. She is trying to learn how to use a short sword, as the God of Lies seems to have foisted one upon her and advised her to work on her grip. But she doesn't have a lot of practice fighting.

History: Saturn used to live with her family, who are all quite close. They own and work on a farm growing various vegetables, some countries south of Dhark's Hero School. Actually, due to the unpredictability of LaRaGan weather, growing food is a difficult and specialised job that requires good knowledge of elemental magic. But Saturn did not enjoy it, and always wanted to travel. Her mother thought she just read too many adventure books as a child, and both her parents insisted she stay on the farm and be ready to take over it when the time came.

Saturn's older sister Gina can't use elemental magic at all, and her younger brother is blind, so her parents were really pinning their hopes for the farm's future on Saturn. Fed up with it all, Saturn finally ran off to go to hero school, dreaming of being a great adventurer and seeing the world, travelling and meeting lots of different people.