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The Feathry Race

General Traits:

Feathries are a race whose ideas and morals are strongly rooted in tradition. They tend to look down on the other species, even moreso on half-feathries, whom they feel have no place in their culture. If a feathry does something considered wrong by their people's standards, they are shunned and often driven away. Unsurprisingly, feathries prefer to band with other feathries and as a result there are quite a few feathry-only towns. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule.
The wings of a feathry are something odd - a full feathry will be born with lightly coloured wings of one colour, and if they kill any person, their wings turn to a much darker shade. Feathries think this is fantastic, as it means that it is much easier to determine who they should shun and despise. A half-feathry does not have wings like this - their wings tend to be smaller and are coloured many different shades and patterns.
As well as having feathered wings, some feathries also have feathered crests and tails.
Feathries are a mammo-avarian race, and have quite light bones to enable them to fly. Their shoulder muscles are much stronger than most races, but still they need to be careful to keep in shape in order to fly. Because of this, feathries lay eggs instead of having live births, but still being partially mammal, they nurse their young as well.
In cold weather, feathries will wear capes over their wings and back that they will remove on flying.
The patron god of the feathries is Sola, the sun goddess.
The average lifespan of a feathry is 90-120 years.


Feathries were one of the first two races created by Gaea in an attempt to distract her sisters Luna and Sola from fighting one another. She based the physcial attributes of feathries off her sister, Sola. Her plan worked, if only for a short while. Once Luna and Sola became bored with her creations, she went on and made the other species and gods. Feathries often feel that since they were one of the original races and their patron god is one of the original goddesses, that they must be superior to the other races.


Nothin' much else to add, except that other peoples often see traditionalist feathries as stark raving mad (scalers in particular).