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The Fey Race

General Traits:

Feys are a very strange race, but even so they are always welcomed by the other peoples. Unlike the other races, it is near-impossible to predict whether a child will be born a fey. It seems that Gaea picks random people to become feys, which leads to the Fey race being quite amiable towards the other races and to be a very mixed bunch in general.
Feys are easily distinguished from regular people by the insect-like wings and long, pointed ears. As well as this, feys are the only people who are capable of producing their own magic (the other peoples get their magic from the gods).
Fey are extremely rare, and some people believe it is possible to remove the magic of a fey and use it for themselves. This doesn't happen to be true, but hey when's the truth ever got in the way of things?
The patron god of the fey is Gaea, the Goddess of Life, Death and Chaos.
The average lifespan of a fey is unknown.


Fey history is very much intermingled with the histories of the other races because they tend to hang around with the people of their families.


The child of a fey will not necessarily be a fey, unless they're extremely lucky and are one of the people Gaea randomly assigns feydom to. However, the child of a fey will show some characteristics of a fey, namely the pointed ears.