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The Griff Race

General Traits:

The Griffs are an unusual race. Griffs are native only to LaRaGa (the world DHS Comix largely take place in), and are one of the few LaRaGan people who cannot use magic at all. Not only do the Gods not grant them their magic, Griffs, like most people, have no inherent magic of their own. This makes many other people look down on them. This isn't helped by the fact they don't tend to live in towns or villages, preferring the wilderness.
As for their appearance - they look to be some sort of large cat / bird hybrid, but Griffs are purely avian. This can lead many non-Griffs to have trouble telling Griff genders, especially as their voices don't vary largely in tone. In fact, Griffs have their own language and because of their beaks they can find it very hard to speak common speech. They are the only LaRaGan people with beaks - even halfies tend to only have them when they've been changed by magic to do so. Despite being fully avian, many people mistakenly believe Griffs grow fur and hair. Actually, they have rather thin but insulated feathers similar to an emu's, that gives the appearance of fur.
Griff society is highly tribal. There are many different Griff 'tribes' around LaRaGa, each of them with their own markings. They tend to steer clear of other races, and are very insular, creating colonies or 'nests' in deep forests, caves, and rocky mountains. Often if a Griff is born with strange markings that do not match their tribe's traditional ones, like say, an albino, they'll be kicked out of the nest soon after hatching.
The average lifespan of a Griff is 50-70 years.


Griffs have been around since before the world split, though they all managed to end up in LaRaGa in the end.


There are a few 'normal' griff clans around who aren't entirely insular. One is a clan of wanderers, and another a clan of outcasts who live at DHS.