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The Scaler Race

General Traits:

Scalers are pretty much the polar opposite of feathries. While feathries act uppity and get stuck on tradition, scalers are the most laid-back race and prefer just to have a good time and not worry about things. Scalers also think feathries are a great joke, and love to make fun of them. But then, they like to make fun of nearly everything.
Scalers don't mind who they're living near - as long as a person has a good spirit a scaler will get along with them.
Scalers come in many different shapes - some have horns whilst others do not, scaler's ears can be a number of different shapes as do their wings and tails.
Scalers have quite heavy bones. Their shoulder and back muscles are very strong to allow them to fly, and those with horns have strong neck muscles as well. Because of their strength, even overweight scalers are capable of flight, and female scalers carry their young to full term for a live birth.
Scalers do not feel the cold.
The patron god of the scalers is Luna, the moon goddess.
The average lifespan of a scaler is 90-120 years.


Scalers were one of the first two races created by Gaea in an attempt to distract her sisters Luna and Sola from fighting one another. She based the physcial attributes of scalers off her sister, Luna. Her plan worked, if only for a short while. Once Luna and Sola became bored with her creations, she went on and made the other species and gods.


Nothin' else, I think.