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Altair "Death"

The God of Death

Responsibilities: God of Death, God of Travel, Patron God of Traipses

Symbols: Altair's common symbol is a chevron. His symbolic animal is the Dog.

Pantheons: Movement Triad, Nine Magic Gods, Judgment Gods

"Family": Sister Emelia - Goddess of Time, Brother Clyde - God of Change


Personality: Altair is very quiet, keeps to himself and doesn't generally like to associate with other Gods. But as his duties are so vast, he does require a little bit of help to keep things orderly. Once he gets stuck in his ways he hates to change, but he'll do so if he has to. He never takes anything personally though, and is very polite and proper, most of the time. Though he doesn't tend to act for his own interests, he can be quite active when it comes to taking actions to set the whole world right.

Altair does work closely with his sister Emelia, the God of Time. He tends to stay quite loyal to the Gods that he does spend a lot of time with. He was the only God to actually stand up for Jake at his exile .... though that was kind of by accident.

Powers: Altair has near-complete power over death. He is responsible for ensuring that dead souls go where they're meant to, and presiding over judgment of mortals to make sure the guilty receive some punishment (though he has help with this from the other Judgment Gods). Although he's called Death, he doesn't actually reap the souls of mortals. He has a deity to act as the reaper on his behalf.

As well as this, Altair is also the God of Travel. This means he receives many gifts and prayers from travellers. He allows people to use a variety of his magic to help make travelling easier, by letting people keep small amounts of items in a small pocket dimension to be summoned at any time. His magic may be used in a similar way for summoning monsters, but it's much more tricky, and far less widely used.

Altair also has the power to control the movement of offworlders. That is, he can either prevent an offworlder from gaining entry to LaRaGa, but he can also boot them out at any time or allow or prevent natives from leaving. This is a power he seldom uses though.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Altair's power for spells and enchantments. Altair's travel magic is often used by most people to some degree, but his death magic is far rarer and harder to use.

Altair's magic can also be used to raise, repel or re-kill the undead - mostly zombies. This is incredibly rare though. He'll give the magic out to people who are able to use it, but it is extremely difficult to create undead and also rather nasty. Destroying undead tends to be much easier, though not very well known.

Curses: Alatir's curses are extremely feared. He set the first curse upon a mortal, turning the first murderer into the Reaper and putting a curse upon every feathry, that turns the feathers of all pureblood feathry murders a darker colour of ther normal hue, tending strongly towards black. He seldom sets curses on individuals anymore though.