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Emelia "Clock"

The Goddess of Time

Responsibilities: Goddess of Time

Symbols: Emelia's common symbol is an hourglass. Her symbolic animal is the Snake.

Pantheons: Movement Triad, Nine Magic Gods

"Family": Brother Altair - God of Death, Brother Clyde - God of Change


Personality: Emelia is surprisingly free-spirited and cheerful, for somebody whose duties pretty much involve snapping everybody into line to keep time perfect and orderly. Her good nature endears her to the other gods though, which helps her encourage them to keep time ticking on time. She shows a different side when her order is put into disarray, becoming angry and vengeful - she has a long memory when it comes to those who try to wrong her.

Powers: Emelia's power is a strange one. She has to work very hard to keep time on schedule, considering the usual random order of the worlds. Of course, day and night are controlled by Sola the Sun Goddess and Luna the Moon Goddess - so Emelia's biggest success is in getting the two of them to agree to turn with the length of a day. Though the length of night and day vary as the two goddesses gain power, Emelia convinced them to keep a day the same length.

However, Emelia's power can distort time, making it longer, shorter or stop it altogether. Generally she uses this over small areas, and she always makes sure to catch time up eventually. She can choose what to apply time to and how, to the extent that she can distort events in incredible ways. For example, she can make time affect one person differently, making it seem to them as though the rest of the world has been slowed down.

Of course, Emelia works closely with her brother Altair, the God of Death.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Emelia's power for spells and enchantments. She is very cautious about who to allow her power to, and most of her spells are extremely difficult to learn and use, and have very minor effects. As such, Emelia's magic is seldom used.

Curses: Emelia can be quite vindictive in her curses, usually targetting a person's age. The simplest curse is to steal time from a person's life. But her favourite curse is to make a person stop aging. This doesn't seem too bad, but she mostly makes the person she casts it on pre-pubescent first, and can quite nastily cause them to age without seeming to, making them look like a child right up until they die of old age.