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Ceraph "Sky-God"

The God of Wind

Responsibilities: God of Wind, God of Thunder, God of Lightning, God of Birds, interim God of Rest

Symbols: Ceraph's elemental symbol is a spiral with the tip pointing up. It can be written clockwise or counter-clockwise. Ceraph's healing symbol is a tufted, downy feather, tip pointing up. His symbolic animal is a winged elephant.

Pantheons: Nine Magic Gods, Elemental Gods, interim Healing God

"Family": Brother Leviathan - God of Water, Brother Phoenix - God of Fire


Personality: Ceraph's moods are changing as the wind he represents. He has a short temper, and no sense of humour. He is extremely vengeful, and apt to hold a grudge. As an elemental god, he values the mortal plane and appreciates his many followers. He often has more to do with mortal matters than heavenly ones, but as a high-ranking god, he holds sway everywhere.

Powers: Even though he is known as Sky-God, Ceraph is not technically the god of the sky. His power extends to all the elements within the sky, which is pretty much the wind and lightning. He likes to use his elemental powers aggressively, as tools to win fights. Since a god's power is compounded by the number of their followers, and elementalists make up a good proportion of mortals, Ceraph holds a lot of power.

Ceraph and the other elemental gods were delegated healing magic when Gaea no longer wanted to interact directly with the mortals. He has the least healing power of the elementals, only being able to relieve fatigue. Both his healing and elemental powers can be used by mortals, as he is one of the magic gods. Most of his magic is accessible without reagents.

Ceraph's skin did not used to be bright blue, but he was unlucky enough to be at the wrong end of one of Jake the god of lie's tricks. Ceraph and Jake are great enemies of one another, as Ceraph does keep track of those who wrong him. It was mainly due to Ceraph that Jake was removed from the nine magic gods, though it was altogether put forward by the elemental gods.

As an elemental god, Ceraph has six immortal servants that help act as conduits of his power to LaRaGa. They are the Ceraph Clan, and are a pack of feathries with his symbol on their neck. Mostly he does not give them direct instruction, and they interpret his will as they desire.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Ceraph's power for spells and enchantments. These include;
Lightning. Uses sticks as reagents, but does not require them. As an elemental spell, takes many different forms and can easily be mixed into an enchantment with Jude, god of runes' magic.
Wind. Uses sand or dirt as reagents, but does not require them. As an elemental spell, takes many different forms and can easily be mixed into an enchantment with Jude, god of runes' magic.
(Fatigue) Healing. Uses water, cloth and feathers as regeants. Used to alleviate fatigue, and restore magical energy. Mostly unused by mortals.

Curses: Ceraph does not usually give curses, since his temper ensures most who cross him end up swiftly dead. But on the off-chance he finds and doesn't kill one, he has a special curse for tricksters, which marks them with Jake's symbol on their hands and forehead. Initally not a bad curse, until you realise that being seen with it by just about any non-trickster will ensure a painful death.