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Felix and Felicity

Felix and Felicity

The Gods of Luck

Responsibilities: Gods of Luck; both good and bad

Symbols: Felix and Felicity always share a symbol. Typically it is two coins, or two die, but it can be a number of luck-related paraphenalia. It is always one symbol twice. Their symbolic animals are cats.

Pantheons: Lesser Gods

"Family": Felix and Felicity are twins. One of their fathers is Phoenix, the God of Fire


Personality: Both Fels are very easygoing, and rely on their luck to get them through situations. They are nearly inseparable, as they like to balance their luck between them. They are happy to have little to do with the machinations of the other gods' plans, and like to 'watch' mortals to let their luck rub off on them. This is why mortals ask the god of luck to watch them when they need a stroke of good luck.

Powers: Using the masculine in a gender-inspecific way, one of the Fels is the god of good luck, the other is the god of bad luck. Very few mortals know which is which, and not all the gods even know. Those who do know tend to guard the secret.

Charms are made to call on the power of the gods of luck, but since one is bad luck and one is good, they are sold as pairs that cancel each other out. Even separating the charms, it is hard to tell which gives good luck and which bad, since there is no guarantee the Fels are drawn by a particular charm. It all goes down to luck.


Curses: Of course, having the god of bad luck watching you is a bad curse, as you're then cursed with bad luck.