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Name: none!

Nicknames: Dark Feathers, Black Wings, Shortfeathers, Featherhead, Little Bro

Classification: Dark Power

Age: 13

Gender: M

Species: Feathry

Roomate: Break Dey

Family: none

Character: This guy is usually quiet and shy, but he can be very friendly and open with people he's close with. An introverted type, it can take him a while to open up to new people. Despite his somewhat threatening appearance (murderous wings and the symbol of a dark power, hoo boy) he is actually extremely timid and hates confrontation. Uh spoilers, dark wings mean you murdered someone. This is the last guy you'd pick for a murderer though, he's very short in stature, and his wings are so small since he never learned how to fly. Despite having the symbol of the goddess on his hand and clearly being a Dark Power, a servant of Luna and a sworn enemy of Sola and her Light Powers.... darkfeathers here doesn't have many strong convictions about that sort of thing, and wants desperately to not be a Dark Power any more.

History: Despite his youth, this guy has already led a turbulent life. When he was a child, he lived on the streets of de Sati, a city ruled by feathries on a spire of rock, with his mother. His mother was a black-winged mute, and actually an exile from the city. After a confrontation with a Light Power called Alistair, there was a terrible accident and shortfeathers here had his mother drown and gained his dark wings. Sometime after that he became a Dark Power, though it's not entirely clear why. He hates being a Dark Power, and wants nothing more than to be free.

What we do know is that after being a Dark Power for some time, darkfeathers here broke from his dark power clan and fought his way out of his hometown of de Sati, with the help of his best friend Break, and made his way to Dhark's Hero School. He's now in the untenable situation of being pursued both by Light and Dark Powers... the fellows who wield the incredible power of two of the three creation goddesses, and who pretty much nobody messes with if they value their life.

Despite being relatively safe at DHS, this guy still manages to get into random trouble. Somehow he's found himself roped into pretending to be Zack's boyfriend, which has gotten the somewhat crazy Alyssa super duper vengeful at him. Possibly not as worrisome as having powers after him, but time will show how well that works out.