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Zachary Dune

Name: Zachary Dune

Nicknames: Zack

Classification: Trickster (sssh)

Age: 16

Gender: M

Species: Scaler...? Unknown

Roomate: Xan de Kai

Family: ?none

Character: Zack is pretty much the archetypal trickster. He's excessively cheerful, mostly carefree, and somewhat amoral. He's not actually that much for playing tricks though, preferring to just sit out and see how things unfold. He's ridiculously vain, strangely proud of his looks (particularly the absurb amount of horns he has), and his attitude is generally unflappable. He really dislikes Ceraph Pinion though, and to a lesser extent Leviathan Spine. Probably for good reason, since they're elemental clanners who follow the very gods who declare that killing all tricksters is a very important goal. Funnily enough, Zack also isn't too fond of Jinx the magic teacher, who is cursed as an enemy of the Trickster God.

Zack's trickster magic is mainly illusion-based, but he has some truth and knowledge magic that enables him to walk people's dreams, which he tends to do for entertainment.

History: Unlike many of the other students, Zack seems to have gone to Dhark's Hero School for legitimate reasons, or so he claims. At the very least, he doesn't seem to be seeking sanctuary, at least, not completely! He travelled to DHS from a small scaler village in central Anor, but unfortunately he was followed by his somewhat crazy stalker Alyssa, who is convinced that they are in luv and will be together forever... despite anything Zachary says. So, Zack has decided that the best solution is to pretend that little darkfeathers is his boyfriend to throw her off. It hasn't worked as well as he'd like though, possibly because Alyssa hasn't noticed that darkfeathers is a dude.

Zack's not terribly great at hiding his tricksterness, as evidenced by the fact that he'll dreamwalk at a moment's notice and will gladly sell illusions for a quick buck. However, he still manages to stay out of trouble for the most part. Unfortunately, he sold an illusion recently to Lilandra... not knowing that the Trickster God Jake had plans to kill her. So we'll see how that turns out, I suppose...

And... in discussions with Lil, Zack has heavily implied that he's not a scaler, and his outward appearance is merely an illusion...