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Jake "Tricky"

The Trickster God

Responsibilities: Trickster God, God of Lies, God of Nightmares, Patron Deity of Shapeshifters

Symbols: Jake's symbol is a stylized leaf, usually broad-leafed, but can be other leaves. His symbolic animal is the raccoon.

Pantheons: Perception Triad, used to be one of the Nine Magic Gods, also used to be one of the Judgment Gods

"Family": Brother Jude - God of Knowledge, Sister Marie - Goddess of Truth


Personality: Just as you'd expect from the god of tricksters, Jake is brash and impulsive, and the only emotions of others he cares for is amusement and irritation, that he seeks to cause with his mayhem. He is the god most involved in the mortal realms - since getting kicked out of the heavens there isn't really anywhere else for him. Though he is not seen very often, he does spend an inordinate amount of time fooling with mortals, and spins plots thicker than most gods among mortals and deities alike to see plans in his interest (mostly just pranks, of course) put into action. Usually the plots seem to unravel, though.

Powers: Jake is a shapeshifter, though his base form is a dark-skinned human-looking fellow. As one of the gods of perception, Jake sees and knows nearly everything through a third eye on his forehead, but he usually keeps it hidden. He is the god of dreams, though he doesn't usually influence people's dreams, he can do anything in the world of dreams.

As one of the nine magic gods, Jake used to be among the upper pantheon of gods, just below the creation goddesses. But after a certain incident with the other magic gods, Jake and his followers were ostracized, and he became the lowest-ranking god. He lost most of his followers, and thus a good deal of his power at this time. He also lost his original body, but made himself a nice new one.

Jake also used to be one of the three gods who oversaw the judgment of mortal souls on their passing. After said incident, the duty was passed onto his brother, Jude. It is said that judgement with Jake ended up being much more benefical towards the mortal, since he'd lie like crazy to get their dues lowered, whereas Jude is more apathetic.


Magic: As one of the magic gods, mortals can call on Jake's power for spells and enchantments. These include;
Illusion. Uses leaves of any shape and quantity as regeants. Used to cast temporary illusions over objects or people. Extremely talented tricksters can also use illusions to turn things invisible.
Confusion. Uses feathers of any shape and quantity as regeants. Used to temporarily disorient and confuse people, animals or monsters. Can be used against groups, but tends to require more feathers and more energy.
Blind. Uses sand or dirt as a regeant. Used to temporarily disrupt the vision of people, animals or monsters. Can be easily used against groups, but requires skill to fully disrupt vision for any reasonable amount of time.
Dreamwalk. Uses salt or fine sand as a reagent. A specific form of enchantment spell, this uses the magic of Jude, Jake and occassionally Marie to see into the dreams of a person, animal or monster. It can also be used to travel to the general world of dreams and monsters that exists between LaRaGa and the mirror world. Magi with extremely powerful trickster magic can cast this spell without reagents.

Curses: Jake is known to curse those mortals he sees as his enemies with fluffy ears and tails, ranging from donkey and rabbit to fox and cat. It is unknown if these ears serve a purpose other than to visually identify his enemies and make them look a little silly.

Other: Here is a minicomic about Tricksters